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Internet will misleading children - Essay Example

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Its influence on the child is quite enormous. Children are the most vulnerable human species in connection to the internet. This is because of unbridled and uncontrolled access to the internet is capable of affecting the core personality…
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Internet will misleading children
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Download file to see previous pages Hence, this paper will center on pornographic issues with the intention of knowing how children can access such pornographic information as well as how it affects them.
It must be mentioned that most parents do not know when their children or wards have the access to the internet. This makes it to be rather more risky. The influx of smartphones to the market helped in the acceleration of children’s desire to view and read what was posted in the internet. At least, they do not need large computers or laptops to view and illicit materials. Their smartphones in the hands is an enough access to the internet world. It should be known that there are two major contents or materials which children always look for in the internet; written materials, pictures, and YouTube materials. YouTube refers to internet contents that are videoed.
With the social media, instant messages become something that will always appeal to children. Children visiting the social media sites like facebook, Black Berry Messenger (BBM), tweeter, and some other social media are always vulnerable especially when they have friends with bad influence. Since the purpose of the social media is to relate and communicate with each other using the social media network, some sexual predators use it as a means to lure vulnerable children to sexual fantasies.
The sexual predators do this using text messages, pictures, and the YouTube. They sent erotic instant messages to small children with the aim of arousing them sexually. This includes the use of profane and romantic words in the messaging. Children who are more vulnerable always fall prey to this kind of message by being sexually aroused. In the social media network, communications are also possible through pictures and YouTube. Children visiting the social media network always fall into the various url, pictures, and YouTube video, which they can enjoy for ours at the ignorance of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internet Will Misleading Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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