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Group work is frequently used as part of the assessment process in university or college courses. While it is generally seen to have many benefits from an instructors point of view, students may find it problematic. Discuss - Essay Example

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Group projects allocated to students call for utmost accountability and responsibility of members, who work in unison. The allocated academic assignments, or work, to…
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Group work is frequently used as part of the assessment process in university or college courses. While it is generally seen to have many benefits from an instructors point of view, students may find it problematic. Discuss
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"Group work is frequently used as part of the assessment process in university or college courses. While it is generally seen to have many benefits from an instructors point of view, students may find it problematic. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Students find group work a challenging task. Instructors, however, use the assessment tool because of its rationale and benefits. It, however, receives a number of challenges from its use, which can be subject to control and improvement.
The rationale for using group work emanates from the needs that meet the apparent job market demands. The use of group work by instructors aims at nurturing students to cope with the apparent demands in employment, which calls for collectivity in the management of common tasks. Teamwork receives a plausible appreciation in management for its effectiveness in deducing solutions to problems. When problems are solved by, consultations involving teamwork are holistic and considerate of a number of parties affected. Group work enhances the integration of interaction among students. Interaction is of absolute importance in increasing productivity of human resource. When students work and cooperate, they are able to learn more than their ability to learn on an individual basis (Pineda, Barger & Leerner, 2011). According to Frey, Fisher & Everlove (2009), “each group demonstrates their learning”. Cooperation, a feature nurtured through working in groups, is indispensable for students in preparation of students to prepare to work with colleagues in the cooperate world. Corporation with other parties, apart from colleagues, for example, is also beneficial for students at work. In some situations, instructors handle considerably large classes or tutorial groups in universities and colleges. Instructors may decide to employ other tools of evaluation, different from examinations. Group projects, for example, become an effective evaluation tool. They may serve to supplement the use of examinations as an evaluation tool. It lowers the workload for instructors by reducing the number of projects evaluated. Instructors are also able to hold meetings with groups with utmost ease than they would be by individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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