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Homework - Assignment Example

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The thesis that I propose to use is: Web 2.0 promotes learning through enhancement of student content creation and sharing, promotion of self-regulated learning and teamwork, and support for critical and reflective participation.
I disagree with Keen who said: “user generated…
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Homework Assignment
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Extract of sample "Homework"

Homework Assignment for Week 5 Assignment Read pgs. 726-40. Answer the following with regards to your second essay what type of approachyoull use for your essay:classical, Toulmin, or Rogerian. (pgs. 726-40.
I prefer the Rogerian view because it considers common grounds and focuses on benefits. I want to explore the benefits and limitations of Web 2.0, when applied to learning.
2.State your thesis (go back to our thesis tutorial and make sure it has those elements). 
The thesis that I propose to use is: Web 2.0 promotes learning through enhancement of student content creation and sharing, promotion of self-regulated learning and teamwork, and support for critical and reflective participation.
3. With whom will you disagree in your essay? What quote will you use to show his/her point of view? Name an author and give a quote.
I disagree with Keen who said: “user generated content” … “[does away] with high quality information, high-quality entertainment and replaces it with user-generated content, which is unreliable, inane, and often rather corrupt” (Brown & Keen, 2012). I believe that structured and evidence-supported user generated content can be seen as high-quality and reflective information.
4. What are some reasons you will use to prove your thesis? How will they be proven? will you compare contrast, look at cause/effect, evaluate the worth, define something in a new way, etc? (you can create an informal list here)
Some of the reasons that I use to prove my thesis are:
1) Web 2.0 promotes interaction and this process leads to student content creation and sharing. Sharing of quality ideas can lead to greater learning. This can be proven through studies that provide evidence for this relationship.
2) Web 2.0 engages self-regulated learning and teamwork because students work on their own and with others. This can be proven through studies that provide evidence for this relationship.
3) Web 2.0 supports critical and reflective participation as long as structured guidelines are provided and instructors place high value on critical thinking and use of scholarly references to support claims and ideas. This can be proven through studies that provide evidence for this relationship.
  Grade: 100 points (each question 25 points)
Assignment 2
In the first essay, we only worked with Lanier and Keen, but in your second essay youll be required to utilize the sources youve found for your annotated bibliography. Now that you have multiple viewpoints on your topic, its important to cover the issues of fairness and objectivity when working with outside sources. 
*Fairness: I expect all of you to represent each authors point of view accurately and fairly--this means not changing the context in which ones words were said or changing the meaning. There should be no unfair distortions.
*Objectivity: When you argue for your thesis, youre out to prove your point. However, this doesnt mean that you need to attack every viewpoint you disagree with. Each body paragraph that contains a source, whether or not you disagree with the source, should be represented objectively. This means introduce all sources in the same manner, then when you engage with the source in your analysis, you can obviously not only express your opinion but also prove it. 
Assignment: In 100-150 words answer the following. Feel free to respond to your classmates.
Why should we be fair and objective when representing what others say, even when we disagree with them?
If we want to convince others to believe in our claims, we should respond to the strongest arguments of our opponents. In addition, objectivity is important because we want to also learn from the views of others.
Can we be fair and objective in our papers and still argue for a main point?
We can be fair and objective in our papers and still argue for a main point because we are addressing the concerns and points of our opponents. Hence, we show our readers that we know how to undercut these claims, using different appeals and evidence.
Can you think of real life examples (perhaps in campaigns) when someones views/words were distorted.
I can think of many news reports on TV that say, for instance, that this person is mad when he heard this comment, and yet when he was interviewed, he mentioned that he was not pleased, but he did say that people have the right to their own opinions. This is an example of how the media changes the meaning of their respondents.
Answers the questions thoroughly: 90 points
grammar/spelling: 10 points
Brown, J. (Interviewer), & Keen, A. (Interviewee). (2007). New book looks at the Internet’s impact on American life (Interview transcript). Retrieved from Read More
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