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The formulation and implementation of gun laws constitute one the many dynamic and diverse processes pursued by security agencies in the…
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Gun Laws
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Gun Laws Affiliation: Introduction Gun laws are crucial in regulating gun ownershipat individual and societal contexts, and promoting them enhances security social welfare. The formulation and implementation of gun laws constitute one the many dynamic and diverse processes pursued by security agencies in the society. This is done in line in regard to addressing security concerns at individual and society levels (Lott, 2010). While security is a primary concern in every aspect of human life, the underlying variables that necessitate need for guns are critical to account for. Crime and related antisocial activities have over the years been a concern for individuals and societies around the world.
Gun laws critically account for individual and social security concerns. This role, however, is not without its negative aspect. This is in line with the fact that not every individual or potential gun owner qualifies to own a gun. Gun ownership requirements are strictly adhered to in order to minimize saturation of guns in among individuals (Lott, 2010). Amid this, guns provide a sense of security to the owners and people among them. Therefore, gun laws are essential in that regard. Regulation of gun ownership also ensures that only the most deserving people are approved, thereby reducing the possibility of misuse of guns.
Antisocial behaviors constitute another aspect that guns critically account for. Laws are put in place to minimize or alleviate altogether illegal possession of guns. Individuals found owning guns against the law are prosecuted. In this regard, gun laws contribute towards mainstreaming social welfare and social coherence among people by regulating or controlling their conduct in this line (Lott, 2010). A challenge in this pursuit is the ability of people to acquire guns to serve other purposes other than their safety and security. Crime perpetrators use guns to threaten others in times of crime. In the light of regulation of guns through relevant laws, this is used to counter attack gun laws efforts.
Failure to account for the majority populations in the licensing of guns is a bone of contention in relation to gun laws. Gun possession favors the minority rich and the so called VIPs like prominent businessmen, political leaders, and celebrities among others (Lott, 2010). However, security concerns that lead to the formulation and implementation of gun laws are experienced across the populations, and every single individual is equally vulnerable. Although there places where gun laws seek to integrate all persons subject to approval, these laws are primarily selective. All people face security threats across their social, economic, or political status, and gun laws should take this into account.
The debate on gun laws is diverse and dynamic. Striking a balance to address the underlying issues and concerns amid this diversity and dynamism is a challenge. However, the selective aspect of majority gun laws is not welcome to many since security threats are only financially based as these laws seem to depict. These laws should identify and provide for all-round variables that make it necessary for people to own guns. Strict regulation of gun possession is undoubtedly fundamental. The fact that gun laws regulate and control gun ownership to alleviate gun misuse is vital.
Lott, J. (2010). More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws. Chicago:
University of Chicago Press. Read More
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