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Youve just visited the doctor, and she has given you one week to live. How will you spend your final week on Earth - Essay Example

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The film’s end affirms the belief that resistance is futile when the end is near. Following this school of thought regarding imminent death, the first and last…
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Youve just visited the doctor, and she has given you one week to live. How will you spend your final week on Earth
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Extract of sample "Youve just visited the doctor, and she has given you one week to live. How will you spend your final week on Earth"

Download file to see previous pages I would begin immediately by visiting the people I know without informing them of my impending doom. I would seek their company for the last time before I begin to retrace my journey across the years and places that helped to shape what I am. A few laughs and some nostalgic conversation is all a man really needs to cheat the thought of impending doom.
The next item in the agenda would be to visit the places that helped to fashion both the positivity and negativity inside me. Visiting these places would offer me the opportunity to observe how I have changed over the years as my life progressed. This nostalgic sojourn would also allow me to rediscover myself in new manners that might only be exposed through the juxtaposition of a certain purposelessness and aloofness from material reality.
My journey into my past would also present me with the opportunity to recapture and re-experience the sights and sounds that I both cherished and detested. My last week on Earth would more or less be like living life all over again – only fast forwarded into a week’s time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Youve Just Visited the Doctor, and She Has Given You One Week to Live Essay.
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