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Snoop Dog Concert Review - Essay Example

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The author describes a concert by Snoop Dog. This music concert was the author's first one. Although he/she had listened to most of Snoop’s music on music videos, the author does not think that he could provide such an electrifying concert performance.    …
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Extract of sample "Snoop Dog Concert Review"

Concert Review I must admit that the event that happened two weeks ago in Denver, Fleming theater in Colfax was a lifetime experience. I had not attended any music concert before and Snoop Dogg music concert was my first one. Although I had listened to most of Snoop’s music on music videos, I did not think that he could provide such an electrifying concert performance.
Truly, Snoop has a big fan base in Denver since the tickets were running out even before the concert began. However, I secured a ticket and got to the inside of the theatre. The theatre lighting and gigantic wallpapers with Snoop’s figure on them complemented each other. Although the sound system was well tuned, the loud bass could almost break the ear drums. The concert began with curtain raising by upcoming music artists before, Snoop Dogg, was ushered to the stage. The audience shouted so wildly as they welcomed the moment they had waited for so long. Snoop did not disappoint his fans. He displayed his stage, lyric, dancing, and voice mastery.
He performed many of the well-known tracks such as “drop it like its hot.” Fans particularly seemed to enjoy one of the newest tracks called “Gangsta Luv." I kept wondering how Snoop could still maintain such a powerful command on stage considering his age. Most music artists, especially the contemporary artists, do not retain their energy for so long. The concert ended in a climax with Snoop performing stunts on stage and performing his last track. It was worthwhile attending the concert since it was full of energy and entertainment. Read More
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