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Answer questions on a scholarly article - Assignment Example

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It is dedicated to the theme of children psychological disorders. The main topic of the article is based on a selection of three research methods, which are chosen to provide comparison of scores received…
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Answer questions on a scholarly article
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Download file to see previous pages There are 7 parts in the main text, some of which contain several subheadings. Hence, the article has 3 headings dedicated to characteristics of each chosen research instruments. Also article provides abstract, which specifies purpose of the study. This part is the shortest one compared to others. Furthermore, there is a part called Methods. It has 3 subheadings, such as Sample, Instruments and Procedure and Data Analyses. With a help of these subheadings, it is very easy to identify what kind of information is represented in mentioned parts. The most important part of the article is named Results. Having also 3 subheadings, it reveals figures and explanations concerning disparity in scores between diagnostic groups. The last part, Discussion, is the longest one. It is divided into 5 sections, which present major conclusions in regard to each research method, limitations of the study and further recommendations.
Article contains number of in-text citations that are mentioned in Introduction and Purpose part. However, the biggest cluster of references can be found in the first three parts that are dedicated to description of each research instrument. Hence, providing claims of various specialists, authors explain the gist of chosen methods, make examples and reveal importance of medical results.
More frequently primary evidence within its analyses is presented through textual description providing relevant equations, final figures and conclusions concerning received indicators. In addition, article includes six tables, which help to structure information in clear and visual way.
Authors use combination of parenthetical citations and paraphrasing. There are no any footnotes or endnotes in the article, bibliography of which is presented as a list of references after Appendix. Notes are located right after each quotation. In some parts there are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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