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He is often absent because he has to take care of his grandmother who is coping with a debilitating illness. The secondary audience is the Human Resources Department (HRD). This…
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Emergency Leave
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Emergency Leave Emergency Leave Required Audience Profile Is my primary audience external or internal? The primary audience is internal.
2. What are some key demographics about my audience, such as age, gender, family situation, etc.?
Jeff Clarke, the primary audience, is an assistant manager in a large metropolitan hotel. He is often absent because he has to take care of his grandmother who is coping with a debilitating illness. The secondary audience is the Human Resources Department (HRD). This Department requires the submission of written documentation of all employees’ requests for leaves, as well as the immediate supervisors reply to such a request. Anything that concerns an employee should be properly documented.

3. How much does my audience know about the topic?
Clarke knows about his frequent leaves from the office. The HRD may not be fully aware of Clarke’s frequent absences, if they were not properly documented.
4. How much formality does my audience prefer?
Clarke does not require much formality as evidenced by his mere leaving of a voice mail message about his request for leave. On the other hand, the HRD requires much formality through written documentations.
5. How do I expect my audience to react to this message?
Clarke will definitely feel bad because his request for leave was not granted. The HRD though, will feel that upper level manager is just following the policies of the hotel in denying the request of Clarke, through a memo addressed to him.
6. What are my audience’s values in relation to this message? What do they care about most?
Obviously, Clarke values family over work. More specifically, he is very much concerned with his grandmother’s health that he is willing to sacrifice his work just to take care of her. The HRD values the strict implementation of company policies.
7. What do I want my audience to think, do, feel, or believe after reading my message?
After reading this message, one wants Clarke to realize that it is important that he gives importance to his work. It is also essential that he realizes that written requests for leaves is part of the policy of the hotel. Clarke must recognize that the hotel does not tolerate frequent absences. The HRD must think that the denial of the request for emergency leave is justified.

8. Are there any benefits for my audience that is related to this message?
Yes, both the primary and secondary audience will benefit from the message in the memo.
9. What information do I need to include for the secondary audience?
The information that must be included for the secondary audience is the problem of Clarke about his sick grandmother. The HRD should also be informed that Clarke is frequently absent because of this problem.
10. Which medium is most appropriate for this message and this audience? Why?
The most appropriate medium for both audiences is a memo addressed to Clarke, copy furnished the HRD. This will effectively document and convey to Clarke the denial of his request for leave and it will communicate the current situation of Clarke to the HRD.
Company Name Here
To: Mr. Jeff Clarke
From: ____________ (name of upper-level manager)
CC: The Human Resources Department
Date: 9/5/2016
Re: Request for emergency leave
I received your voice mail message last (state date of message) requesting for an emergency leave for the upcoming holiday weekend. I fully understand that your grandmother’s health is one of your priorities. Taking care of a loved one is a commendable virtue and I admire you for that.
As you are fully aware of, there is a conference of electrical engineers this weekend at a nearby convention center and for the first time, our hotel will be host to its attendees. This is a welcome opportunity for the hotel to show off its excellent service, and hopefully this experience will lead to more business for us.
Furthermore, Ms. Nina Hernandez, the other assistant manager has already filed for a leave for the weekend. Her leave has been granted considering that she has not availed of her leave benefits. Moreover, Ms. Hernandez has for the last two months covered for you three times during your leaves.
In view of the above, I regret to inform you that I cannot grant your request for emergency leave this weekend. Please note too that you have exhausted all your leave benefits; thus, any future leaves will be without pay.
May I also kindly remind you that as per policy of our Human Resources Department, all requests for leaves should be in written form. In case of emergency leaves, a leave form should be filled out immediately upon return to the office.
I hope that you understand my decision regarding your leave request. Your presence this weekend will be of utmost importance to the hotel.
Thank you.
(signed by the upper-level manager) Read More
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