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The writer of the essay "My choice is Illinois State University" suggests that ISU values individualized attention, diversity and civic engagement, which perfectly fit the need of students who struggle to achieve their goals without fear for social prejudice and discrimination…
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My Choice Is Illinois State University
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My choice is Illinois State University
Life’s journey is dynamic and ever-changing and sometimes, a life-changing event would wake stir one into a realization that time wasted is time unrecovered. That was the lesson learned from my past experiences when my commitment and dedication to school has not always been one’s priority until after my son was born and my passion for a nursing career emerged.
When I was in high school, I was not dedicated and focused in academic endeavors; mainly because almost every semester, I transferred to different schools. Personal struggles made it difficult for me to focus on studies and to recognize the relevance of education. In fact, the idea of getting out of school has crossed my mind. Unfortunately, not much had changed when I started college because of struggling with a degree in psychology. Honestly, I was not genuinely passionate about that endeavor and at the same time, I lacked the necessary skills in effective learning. Concurrently, despite the challenges, one’s love for my family and recognition for a desire to pursue a career in nursing prompted me to move on.
After reflecting on all of my mistakes, I realized that these experiences were instrumental in making me a strong, independent and passionate woman that I am today. Being a full-time mom, worker, and the student is hard and only after I quit my full-time job to fully devote one’s time for my family and my schooling, was I able to capitalize on my full potentials. There is this innate desire for a healthcare profession and realized that I enjoy assisting people in need. By providing patient care, there is a rewarding feeling for being able to give my time for a good cause while gaining some knowledge about nursing care. I even volunteered at the hospital down the street from home once a week for a few hours to fulfill my desire for serving and learning. I began to study like I have never before, got a tutor in the spring semester of this year, and was able to learn some very valuable skills in studying. I plan not to let anything hinder me in receiving my nursing degree and I am a testimony to other students who are struggling in school, that with the right tools one can overcome weaknesses and succeed in the plans earmarked in life.
My academic strengths are studying, time management, being focused, and learning the necessary skills required to support one’s field of endeavor. My GPA is only 3.15 but my nursing prerequisite GPA is 3.66. My academic weaknesses are test taking and public speaking but I have taken the time to address this and generate better grades.
Achieving success and finally earning a degree in nursing necessitate the selection of an appropriate university that would support the needs of the students. I believe that ISU is the right choice for me not only because of the great things that I have heard about ISU and its nursing program but also because of the mission of the university to create the most supportive and productive environment for students. In addition, ISU values individualized attention, diversity and civic engagement (Illinois State University, n.p.), which perfectly fit the need of students like me who struggle to achieve their goals without fear for social prejudice and discrimination. I believe that this university gives students second chances to redeem their lives and dreams and based on my nursing prerequisites last year, a significant improvement in my grades was duly reflected. I would be privileged to show this university what a devoted and passionate student I am in fulfilling my nursing career and being of service to those in need.

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Illinois State University. “Educating Illinois: Priorities for Illinois’ First Public University.” Illinois State University. Retrieved December 22, 2011, from Read More
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