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Topic: Education (Choose an argument or article in the section relating to how we learn) and write a well-crafted in which you prove some point - Essay Example

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While Charles Darwin first articulated the theory of natural selection in the 19th century in his seminal text ‘Origin of the Species’, the theory has experienced tremendous changes since this early incarnation. In these regards, advances in evolutionary genetics and carbon…
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Topic: Education (Choose an argument or article in the section relating to how we learn) and write a well-crafted essay in which you prove some point
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"Topic: Education (Choose an argument or article in the section relating to how we learn) and write a well-crafted in which you prove some point"

Download file to see previous pages Considering these recent scientific findings, this essay argues that education doesn’t merely function as a means of acculturation, but also holds the potential of fundamentally changing humanity’s physiology.
Natural selection has been understood as changes in the genetic code as a result of an organism’s survival relative to environmental challenges. Traditionally natural selection has believed to have been solely the result of this environmental factors, however scientists have increasingly argued for a cultural component. Wade writes, “other genes seem to have been favored because of cultural changes. These include many genes involved in diet and metabolism and presumably reflect the major shift in diet that occurred in the transition from foraging to agriculture that started about 10,000 years ago” (Wade). In addition to diet, a number of other cultural factors have been demonstrated, with a strong degree of scientific veracity, to have influenced evolutionary processes. While these findings do not preclude evolutionary shifts from occurring because of traditional pressures, it does indicate that human cultural practices have actively influenced the human genetic code.
With the established nature of evolution as being impacted by human culture, one considers the obvious implications this holds for education. Perhaps the most profound implication is that the educational establishment and classroom practices contain within them the potential for impacting human physiology. While evolution through natural selection is understood to occur over an extended time frame, the structural nature of the institution of education can still be considered within this context of investigation. Beginning with ancient Greek and Roman means of instruction the educational establishment has functioned as a means of imbuing students with intellectual capabilities to strengthen their survival in the world environment. While the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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