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She’s complaining to rather go to Tennessee than Florida for vacation. To make her own case, she claims that there is a dangerous criminal by the name Misfit and he is…
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Plots and structure of Fiction, Drama
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A good man is hard to find by’ Flannery O’Connor ‘A good man is hard to find by’ Flannery O’Connor O’Connor’s story is narrated bya third person but focuses on the grandmother’s perception events. She’s complaining to rather go to Tennessee than Florida for vacation. To make her own case, she claims that there is a dangerous criminal by the name Misfit and he is headed that way but no one is taking her seriously (Group, p. 67). They take off to Florida from Georgia.
On realizing that a certain plantation she is talking about she saw was actually on Tennessee and not ahead as she says to the kid, she gets so startled that she jerks, letting her cat out of a basket. The pet propels into Bailey’s, her son, shoulder causing a dramatic accident. However no one dies. The Misfit appears with two buddies, orders Baileys and John Wesley into the woods were they are shot by his cronies. The grandmother witnesses the mother, the baby and June star follow. She pleads with Misfit in vain and ultimately being shot three times in the chest (Group, p. 82).
Marriage proposal by Anton Chekov
In the short play ‘A marriage proposal’, the writer describes the weird engagement of Lomov, who seeks to marry his neighbor’s daughter. Lamov fights with the woman he wants to marry before he can make his proposal, fights he is proposing and fights again after she agrees to marry him. They tend to fight whenever the converse to one another, and when this alarms her father at first, he decides that let them fight to one another. Ultimately, the father believes their last fight is actually the beginning of a happy family, though it is doubtful if the couple can conflict every time and attain anything like bliss. The meeting between Lomov and Tchubukov implys one sort of neiboughhood pact for Tchubukov, and more positive about lomov’s prospects.
“A supermarket in California” by Alan Ginsberg.
Allen Ginsberg describes his fanciful night walk to a supermarket In California were he imagine he sees Whit man (a 19th century poet) and one of his idol. As Ginsberg discerns the artificial and mass produced state of the post modern supermarket, he muses that Whitman might think this new era of people who are so removed from the nature. He uses symbolism to express his dejection on mass produced modern consumerist culture (Group, p. 122).
On the opening lines of the poem advance the aforesaid journal - like quality and also presents the central crucial point of the poem at large. The first line explicitly expresses a tone of wistfulness or even sorrow. The evocation of Whitman‘s name is an obvious symbol of optimism or idealism. Because of the wide-ranging qualities of Whitman’s own writings, the logic of idealism is destined to expand to politics, philosophy as and poetry. The opening line bring about the poem’s central anxiety by contrasting idealism with cynical reality. The tone is recognized even before the fist line due to the radiant title which evokes both the hopeful westward expansion of American history- California and the sensible demand of the American cultural and political systems to sufficiently provide for the African people- the supermarket. It is significant to recognize that through the poem, Ginsberg aims the symbolic character of the poem’s setting of a supermarket to plunk for much more than physical food (Group, p. 455).
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Group, S. P. Sparknotes 101 literature. Spark Educational Publishing. Read More
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