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The E-Trade Baby - Essay Example

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The next day, E-Trade registered more new accounts than it had on any other day in the companys history. Dozens of promotions and a couple NFL championships later, the…
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The E-Trade Baby
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Extract of sample "The E-Trade Baby"

Download file to see previous pages In order to identify the rhetorical strengths and weaknesses of the E-Trade Baby commercials, their ethos, logos, and pathos should be examined. Ethos implies the personality and trustworthiness of the speaker associated with the argument. Ethos raises issues of ethics and confidence between the speaker and the audience. In terms of ethos, the E-Trade Baby ads are quite effective in drawing out the interest of the audience by using an ‘infantile’ personality that normally appeals to the emotion of audiences. In terms of integrity, the ads are also successful since the babies’ ‘voices’ are from trusted people in the finance and investment industry. The E-Trade Baby simply used the attractive and adorable personalities of the babies to convey its reliable messages about financing and investing. The ads successfully identified with their audiences and their argument. They also appeal to the sense of necessity of the audiences by building a whole new realm of investing, or also referred to as electronic trading.
Logos denotes the application of numbers, statistics, reason, and logic. Quite frequently, logos appears concrete and material, far more tangible and ‘real’ compared to other rhetorical techniques that it does not appear an advertisement approach at all. In terms of logos, the E-Trade Baby ads are quite illogical since it is commonsensical knowledge that babies cannot talk in the way they are portrayed in the ads making the entire endeavor weak within the domain of logos. But in terms of the presentation of statistics and facts, the ads have been concise and straight to the point.
Pathos appeals to the emotions of audiences. The E-Trade Baby ads try to appeal to the emotions of love, compassion, affection, sympathy, and happiness. They successfully used an emotional appeal by identifying with the sense of their audience. The ads did not abuse any ethical or emotional appeal since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The E-Trade Baby Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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