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Proposed topic - Assignment Example

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Proposed Topic (6-14-11 ):This initial step will be quite preliminary. You may choose a topic of your own or use one that I provide. Please note that many of the topics that I provide at the bottom of this document may be general and broad and would benefit from your…
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Proposed topic

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Download file to see previous pages he following; “I am researching and writing about the reasons why texting while driving should be illegal.” “I am arguing or attempting to persuade my audience that texting while driving is extremely dangerous and the effects of this dangerous action should be curtailed by imposing fines on those do so. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Proposed research topic

...? Effects of Tourism in UAE al Affiliation Introduction United Arab Emirates (UAE) is slowly turning into a leading global tourist destination. This attraction site continues to record as the most lucrative shopping destination; hosting several events related to sports, leisure, media occasions and global symposiums. The reputation of the hotel sector spreads globally, creating an attraction to the continents tourism infrastructure and state of the art facilities that encompass sports arenas, conventional centers, shopping centers, stadiums and urban transportation. In UAE, tourism is emerging to be the main driver of economic development. While making a direct contribution to economic development, the indirect effects also affect...
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The topic can be proposed by the writer

...? Macro & Micro Economics Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Monopoly Market 4 Microsoft in the Market 8 Arguments against Microsoft Antitrust Behavior 10 Arguments for Microsoft Antitrust Behavior 11 Conclusion 12 Works Cited 14 Name of the Student Name of the Professor Course Number Date Macro & Micro Economics Introduction The economic development in any nation can only be achieved with the benefits of efficient allocation of resources. The wants created by the individuals in the economy are always unlimited in nature but the resources available are scarce. It has been stated in the theories of economics that perfect competition among the corporate firms in the economy can maximize the welfare of the society and suffice... Macro & Micro...
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Proposed topic ( ADHA in children)

...DHD in Adults by ADHD is mostly connected and associated with children while this problem still can appear in adulthood. Moreover, those grown-ups who were not diagnosed with this impairment being infants are unaware that this problem can cause their difficulties with attention, memory, learning, time management, and relationships. That is why ADHD in adults its development, diagnostics, and treatment have to be studied thoroughly. Adults can experience from 30 to 70 % symptoms of ADHD. However, the exact reasons why for some people these symptoms cause real problems while others do not feel their influence is not known. Prevalence of ADHD at adults significantly depends on existence of the accompanying psychological problems... in Adults by...
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The topic can be proposed by the writer

... Evaluation of an Interview Scenario The Hiring Manager The Interviewer 26-10 Subject: Interview evaluation. Derrick Cardenas underwent through the interview process, whereby his strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and areas of development were assessed. His Curriculum Vitae (CV) seemed efficient for consideration for the job. He has a wide range of capabilities and this is evident from his achievements. His composure during the interview was a clear indication of his confidence and strong interaction skills. He is well learned with excellent verbal and written communication skills. His communication skills are diverse as he is fluent in the Spanish language. Derrick acknowledges the advancement in technology and appreciates... Evaluation...
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The topic can be proposed by the writer

... Chinese Economic Revolution between 1976 and 1997 Summary Will Lyman narrate the documentary en d, “China a Century of Revolution 3 Born under the Red Flag 1976 1997.” Ambrica Productions released the film, “Born under the Red Flag 1976-1997” on 10 July 2007 (Lyman Film). The film runs for 120 minutes. The film begins with the death of Mao Zedung that happened in 1976 (Lyman Film). The film depicts how Mao’s death defined the legacy of immense poverty and political instability in China. However, the film presents the renewed attitude of the Chinese to fight these challenges through the suppressed voices of peasants, students, political prisoners, and revolutionaries as they seek to air their grievances after the death of Mao... Chinese...
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Proposed title and topic

...Proposed and Topic Proposed and Topic The proposed for my final project is: ‘The Effectiveness of Performance Evaluations for Educators’. As America is currently focused on improving an educational system that appears to be in rapid decline in terms of quality and effectiveness, teachers are increasingly coming under scrutiny for the quality of instructional services that they are offering their students and community. While some of this may be justified, there are many other factors that must be considered when examining ways to improve the state of the educational system nationwide. As such, performance evaluations have increasingly become a...
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The topic can be proposed by the writer

...Fiduciary duty Fact: The case that was presented to the law court of Alabama was about the breach of fiduciary duty with the plaintiff being Suzy Strickland Harbison and the defendant being Bonnie Strickland. Bonnie Strickland and her husband Jake were the founders of the Strickland family limited liability company, being part of their estate plan. The duo then transferred 83% of the company’s equity shares to Suzy Strickland Harbison, who is their daughter thus remaining with 17% interest in the company. With the death of the husband, Bonnie became the only comanager of the company and in 2002; she conveyed parcels of real estate belonging to the company to her son David Strickland. Suzy Harbison presented the case before... duty Fact: The...
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The topic can be proposed by the writer

...Piercing the corporate veil in Carlton v Walkovszky Grade Piercing the corporate veil in Carlton v Walkovszky1. Issue Statement Carlton, the owner of 20 taxi-cabs in New York City organized the cabs into 10 different organizations, to limit the liability of each corporation to only 2 taxi cabs. One of the taxi cabs knocked down and injured Walkovszky, and as required under the New York laws, any person injured by the taxi-cabs should be compensated. However, based on the organization of the cabs into 10 different corporations, Walkovszky can only lay claim on a single corporation, thus the payment of damages are limited to the two taxi cabs under the one corporation. The issue is whether Carlton has legally incorporated his tax... the...
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The topic can be proposed by the writer

...Analysis of Brosius vs Eliason case Lecturer Issue ment Eliason family and Brosius families own shared in Brosius-Eliason Company, a building and materials company. In the company, James Eliason and his sister Sarah Englehart hold the company’s controlling back where as the remaining shares were owned by Frank Hewlett. James Eliason executed a proxy to his daughter, Louise Eliason, in July 31 to have the authority to vote on behalf of his shares. The notary publics of the acknowledgement verified James signature did the proxy state it was irrevocable. The body of the proxy did not state that it was irrevocable. As a result of falling out between Louise and Sarah, Sarah decided to vote for shares in violation of the agreement... of Brosius vs ...
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Proposed Topic: The competitive dynamics of High-tech firms: the examination of the service innovation framework in East Asia's high-tech supply chain ecosystem

...what is going on in relation to the high-tech firms in the context of East Asia, thus the aspects of descriptive research. On the other hand, the research will seek to illustrate why it is going on, thus the element of explanatory research design. Research Design Descriptive research refers to the study focused on depicting participants in an accurate way, thus exact description of the people or objects in the research. Noteworthy is that descriptive research tool is innovative for the researchers to blend both quantitative and qualitative data with the intention of reconstructing the questions that emanate from the topic of study. Nevertheless, descriptive research design has potential advantages and disadvantages....
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