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Name of the Student English Name of the Concerned Professor 6 December 2013 The Military use of Drones by the US- a Risky and Wrong Choice There is no denying the fact that the military use of drones by the US has accrued mixed response from the public, which is either of outright opposition or of a complacent silence…
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Research essay assignment
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"Research assignment"

Download file to see previous pages It is time when the policy and strategy groups and institutions ought to reconsider the success and importance of drones as the military weapons of choice. Indeed, pursuing warfare by means of drones is certainly not a good idea if one takes into consideration the harmful ramifications of this novel military strategy. Instead of furthering the US interests and aiding the nation’s strategic agenda, the military use of drones by the US has indeed curtailed the reputation of the US forces and accrued much negative publicity for the nation. It goes without saying that the US exploitation of drones as a military weapon is not a sane strategic option if one considers the civilian causalities it involves, the incumbent political outcomes, the dilution of the army’s moral and situational awareness and the inability of the drones to effectively curb and dilute international terrorism. It is a fact that if the drone warfare or the military usage of drones by the US forces is not backed by accurate and verified intelligence inputs, it could lead to much collateral damage. Experience has established beyond doubt that the instances when drones were used by the US as a weapon against the targeted enemies, they led to multiple civilian causalities (Whitlock 1). ...
and it is only when one digs deeper that one is able to recognize the havoc drones wreck on the civilians that live near or in the vicinity of the targeted individual or group. Though the exact figures are not verified by the US military, as per the recent news reports, the use of drones as a weapon has led to the killing of a number of civilians in the tribal regions of Pakistan (Whitlock 1). If on the one side the killing of civilians in the drone attacks amounts to crimes against humanity, on the other side this trend is fraught with much serious consequences, as far as the reputation of the United States of America as a world power is concerned (Brunstetter & Braun 339). The killing of civilians in drone attacks accrues much criticism for the country on the international platforms. Secondly, for the achievement of the nation’s strategic targets it is imperative that the people in the regions where the US forces are deployed tend to cooperate with the US forces and hold them in high esteem. Going by the killing of civilians in the drone attacks, the people in these regions not only develop an averse and hostile attitude towards the US forces, but also aid and support the terrorist groups operating in the region. Hence, in a practical context drone warfare is indeed counterproductive and useless. It leads to the killing of civilians, accrual of infamy for the US forces and the aiding and supporting of the hostile elements like terrorist groups by the people who lost their loved ones in the drone attacks (Brunstetter $ Braun 339). This is indeed undesirable and least required by the US forces in times when the US is pursuing a war on terrorism. The thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the war on terrorism has an undeniable political angle attached to it. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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