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Image Analysis - Essay Example

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Image Analysis Giving up on our conditions and failure to show passion may be the worst thing in life. Although people may experience life challenges, the best thing to do is having hope and turning failure or the challenge into success…
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Image Analysis
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"Image Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages At one point or the other people may undergo depression, stress and serious emotional problems because of their physical inability they find themselves into such as disability. Such kind of conditions may be permanent and the only option to bring happiness and put a smile on such kind of people is love. Poverty, disability and age cannot stop individuals who decide to overcome their conditions through happiness, determination, passion and love. The man in the image is actually one out of a million considering her capabilities that undeniably overcome her disability and conditions. He is pushing himself harder with sheer determination and he seems to have accepted his conditions. The man is so masculine despite the fact that he does not have one of his legs. He does an extraordinary thing of cycling the bicycle yet two legged people can only cycle the bicycle. He has a strong spirit that does not give up and does not look back at his physical condition. His three-legged bicycle is very old but he still manages to carry her mother. He seems to believe that he can achieve immensely great things with his bicycle. He uses his single leg to cycle his bicycle and this is only possible to someone who has made a decision to press on regardless of the disability. Most people with disability may decide to turn to street beggars or any other ting that does not involve physical work simply because they regard themselves as completely disable and do not want to work hard. However, this man has gone beyond all odds to set pace for most of the people with similar condition but just relax and take excuse of their disability. According to the man, it is apparent the most important thing in human beings is the strength of the spirit, determination and passion inside him or her but not their physical conditions. The man has proved his inner strength, which is more powerful than his disability. There is passion love and kindness that is evident between the men his mother. The man seems poor but so caring and loving for his mother. He seems to believe that money is not everything and that care and love plays an important thing in human life. The man’s love for his mother is unconditional despite the fact that the woman is old. Perhaps any other man would have left his mother at such a condition. The woman receives great warmth from her son who offers to take care of her despite his low social status and disability. He has kept his mother warm by dressing her in heavy clothes. The look on his face does not reflect any frustration but strong determination and passion to serve his mother. He pushes the bicycle hard and this is evident on his hands with protruding veins. The man is undeniably one of the dutiful sons ever living who would do absolutely everything to serve their mothers. Lacking the most stable source of income seem to motivate him to work even harder and strengthens the bond between him and his mother. This image shows the strength and nature of people who refuse to give up. It is worth noting that there are more important things to every man than the outer physical appearance. Disability is actually not inability and people can do greater things amidst their physical challenges. Whoever is determined and passionate about their dreams cannot be stopped by mere challenges such as disability and emotional problems because they focus beyond their status. There are many people who do not have any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Image Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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