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How Classical Music Infulence Human Lives - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that “Classical music” is a term originating from the latin word “classicus”, which means the highest class taxpayer. Based on stylistic differences, music historiographers have classified six music periods. …
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How Classical Music Infulence Human Lives
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Download file to see previous pages Most homes had at least a musical instrument that was played with lesser or greater skill. Concerts were big events and the people who liked attending them were mostly the rich ones. The pieces prepared for the concerts were longer since people were merely dying to listen to the music. The people could not miss the concerts and wait to pick the cds from music stores the following day. A story is told of J.S. Bach who walked several miles to listen to a performance by a great organist called Buxtehude. Symphonies structured into works of many movements exposed listeners to a variety of intellectual experiences and moods. Music involving dance invited listeners to enjoy. Concerts were great events and these works were not performed all at the same time as they are these days. Originally, symphony movements were separated by other kinds of performances or pieces of music altogether. Today, the cultural, social and aesthetic realities are very different. The time constraints, needs and music availability are all different. One can easily turn of or change what they are listening to literally at any time of the day or night. There is need for a totally different approach. The music of today is neither worse nor better, but rather fits this place and time in history. Fortunately, there is always great classical works to return to for inspiration and pleasure. What's the Connection between Classical Music and People's Lives? Classical music has attracted varying perspectives worldwide. During the times of Bach and Mozart, classical music flourished, but today some people, especially the young, perceived it as boring and old fashioned. However, they are missing out since this music is beneficial for the human body and brain. Classical music makes humans...
This essay approves that classical music continually developed and evolved from the time of Mozart and Beethoven. It is not about to stagnate anytime soon, but it is continually pushing the sound and music boundaries. Other genres are on constant influence by the advancements in classical music. For instance, Stockhausen's music greatly influenced the Beatles. Many contemporary composers of jazz have employed freedoms and techniques that originated from classical music. Modern classical music has had influence on pop, rock and other genres of music. Rather than blocking the creative ability of contemporary musicians, classical music fertilises and enriches it. The music provides the tools necessary in innovation of other kinds of music. Out of this kind of music come many innovations like the twelve tone method and the ubiquitous staff notation system.
This report makes a conclusion that regardless of whether or not one is classical music fan, he/she can always find something that inspires. It could be a specific piece of music, the music of specific composer, the passion and power of musicians performing collectively in perfect harmony or the heartbreaking drama of a particular opera. One can find his/her connection to this kind of music by listening with an open mind. A listener can also perform classical music. Several schools have orchestras and bands. Some cities have municipal bands or youth orchestras. Classical music is the backbone of music, although nowadays people do not appear to really appreciate or enjoy it as they should. People lose out on the benefits the music has on the human body. They need to embrace change and attempt new things, and they could realize that they love classical music. Classical music is among the oldest and most-loved music genres of all times, which can make people smarter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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