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Argumentative on cigarette advertising - Essay Example

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This essay seeks to relay varied fantasies and false information, which cigarettes corporations use in luring their clients and other people into using them. Advertising encompasses relaying positive information concerning a certain product with the intention of attracting large clientele…
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Argumentative essay on cigarette advertising
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"Argumentative on cigarette advertising"

Download file to see previous pages Advertising based on Oxford Dictionary is the act of relaying information to potential customers concerning a certain product in the market with the intention of luring them to buy it. This implies the person or Corporation relaying a given products’ information ought to utilize necessary skills meant to appear brief and communicate effectively to the clients (Capella, Webster & Kinard 269). Hence, manage to get their attention within a very short period in order to create an immense impact. This is similar to cigarettes’ advertising though its mode of advertising due to numerous campaigns against it respective corporations have resulted to exaggerated and fantasized advertising.
Numerous images used in advertising pose the notion smoking especially to the young is sweet besides making them fit in a class/status of proving their prowess. This is complete false though through the creativity of numerous corporations have managed to attain large pool of clientele “who not only smoke for fun but also live to smoke”. Since, most of them after the first puff turn out to be addicts thus becoming the brand’s habitual users such that the corporation will not be in need of relaying any further information to him or her but to new people. The notion of “smoking is sweet” its mode of relaying information to the potential users is by use of youthful models, for instance, women who in turn lure teenage females into the habit. This is because of the ads posing the information as genuine, which is far from the reality but merely a strategy to get future potential clients. In 2004, cigarette corporations emerged with a new strategy citing they have devised “lighter cigarettes” for those people wishing to ensure the safety of their health (“Quit Victoria”). This is a fallacy because no amount of tar is less dangerous once it finds its way in human body’s system. However, the fallacy may seem true based on the corporations’ information and some confessions emanating from hired smokers. The latter contend “lighter” cigarettes are smoother and less irritating compared to the ordinary products, which is not true. This is because companies with the aid of numerous flavors in the industry and market only tend to alter their “taste”. Hence, trying to twist clientele’s mind towards deeming what they are smoking contain less tar that is why it is smoother to their throats. However, in reality, this is not true but only a market niche meant to draw numerous people towards purchasing the “lighter” cigarette. The only trick in this case besides flavors is the use of additives and introduction of tinny holes in the filter meant to filter ash (“Quit Victoria”). This is because the later is the core component that causes irritation in smokers’ throats whereas the obnoxious content passes unfiltered or altered to the lungs’ alveoli. Hence, continue to cause varied chronic predicaments on users, for instance, cancer (“Quit Victoria”). This is because fallacies have already “hijacked” their minds to the extent they are unable to unveil whether what diverse marketing ads are relaying is true (O’Connor). Another relayed fallacy by cigarettes’ corporations encompasses the safety of the product despite admitting to be harmful to human health. This is evident in the way when advertising corporation despite compelled to state cigarettes’ harmful effects choose to indicate with almost invisible statement on their packaging. This is in such a manner numerous users and potential people especially teenagers who wish to experiment smoking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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