Separation of church and state - Essay Example

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Church and the State Should Be Separated Introduction Different individuals have defined separation of a state and church differently and there has been tremendous amount of confusion and conflict on the real definition of separation of state and religion…
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Separation of church and state
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"Separation of church and state"

Download file to see previous pages In this writing, the second meaning of separation will be used and its importance will be discussed. Different stakeholders have hotly debated over whether the state and church should operate separately or they should operate hand in hand. According to Corbett, 62% of those surveyed during a research conducted in 1995 responded that the church and state should be separated and operate separately (Corbett 223). This means that if 62% are in favor of separation, then the remaining population was either against it or had a neutral view. Those who argue against separation state that religion can provide proper guideline to state and God’s word should be followed. There is a need to separate church and the state; the church should not be involved in guiding the legal principles of the state because it: is unconstitutional, unethical, leads to inequality, leads to irrational decision making and will destabilize United States. Body Church and state should operate separately and the church should not be allowed to influence the legal operations of the state because it is unconstitutional according to the constitution of United States of America. The constitution of the US is a worded document that helps in making legal rules and regulations for the nation. The constitution of the United States comprises of a total of 10 amendments and these amendments are regards as the Bill of Rights and the very first amendments of the constitution states that the congress of the government of United States should not create laws in order to assist any particular religion (Rotunda 309). This means that if congress makes rules and regulations that favor a religious group, then they are indulging in an unconstitutional act. If congress is influenced by Christians and those who belong to churches, there is a higher probability that they will make rules and regulations that will favor only the Christians and such an act by the congress will result in an unconstitutional act. Another reason due to which church and state should be separated is that it is unethical for the church to influence the state and state’s decision making. According o the utilitarian method of ethical decision making, decisions as well as actions should be scrutinized on the basis of benefits and costs they offer to the society and those decisions or behaviors should be regarded as ethical that result in highest amount of benefits and lowest amount of costs for the society as compared to any other decision or act that may be conducted under a particular situation (Pollock 29). If church influences the state and rules and regulations of a nation, it is more likely that a very small portion of the society will benefit and that will comprise of only those who are the followers of Christianity, while people following other religions will end up suffering losses and costs. According to the statistics provided by CIA World Fact Book, there are several different religious groups residing in United States. Out of these religious groups, the majority is formed by Christians and among the Christians, 51% of people follow the Protestant churches and outnumber people who belong to other churches of Christianity and people who follow other religions (CIA World Fact Book 1). This means that if churches are allowed to make decisions or influence the decision making process in the government, it is more likel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Separation of Church and State
There are different reasons why people want a separation of church and state. The first reason is because the rights of the minority will probably be violated by the majority meaning members of a majority religion are favored by the state often while the minority religion are persecuted, harassed and socially shunned.
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Separation of church and state
At the time of the inclusion of this provision in the American constitution, it was seen as a revolutionary and progressive policy to adopt. 2- Where did it originate? Is it the US constitution, what did Thomas Jefferson mean when he spoke of maintaining "a wall of separation between church and state?
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Thomas Jefferson
Ultimately, Jefferson believed that the relationship that a person has with God is highly personal. By extension, having a legislature that seeks to enact laws and policies that dictate how the nation should worship God would in fact interfere with a person’s personal relationship with god.
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Separation of Church and State

The study leads to the conclusion that the great Western religious traditions call for the denial of the self. Life in God's presence means, basically, a life lived in the knowledge that we owe the reality of our existence not to an accident but to Divine Will. The compulsions that knowledge creates we can never fulfill, which is why the religious life is a life of determined.

17 Pages(4250 words)Essay
Separation of Church and State
(Owen 493) Though the language of the First Amendment seems clear enough on the issue of establishment and Free Exercise, the notion of "strict separation" is cloudier. The history of the debate about the role of religion often seeks to attribute particular intentions to the founding framers based on their political and religious belief and imposing those beliefs on the language of the constitution.
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Segregation of Church and State
The fundamental queries are uncomplicated. Do worldly head of states and their group have faith in some god or groups of mysticism whose authority goes beyond that of secular governors Moreover, does a top quality class of people, pastors or other specialists in holiness, exclusively comprehend the celestial laws and desires If so, should not secular rulers, rulers or parliamentarians agree with their rule to the godly will as understood and expounded by the priestly adepts Otherwise, on the other hand, should secular rule hold itself strictly aloof from all religious questions Therefore, the church-state connection has been the focus of argument and controversies all through the past (Frase
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The meaning of Thanksgiving and the separation of church and state
In Of Plymouth Plantation, when speaking of the first Thanksgiving gather, John Bradford talks of how, “Thus they found the Lord to be with them in all their ways (Bradford
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Separation of Church and State Essay
This means that, at times, there is a strong enticement on the part of some citizens to transform their religious principles into public policy. Specifically, if religion is a significant influence in a citizen's life, that citizen seems more probable to seek government support of religiously based values.
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Argument...........Church and State should not be separate
This has become the basis for the separation of the Church and the State, with the Church charged with spiritual matters while the State looks after the temporal matters. However, separation of this two crucial pillars of society goes back much longer in history.
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
Separation of church and state
The enshrining of this separation in the constitution led to a high proliferation of religious activities in the country. With a high number of religious people in America today, the government plays no role in religion; no funding, no endorsements and no prohibitions (ADL, Para 2).
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