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Analysis of television and ads - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Date: Media Analysis Project: (Part I: Medium Analysis) I. Background of Television invention Inventions have always been exciting, especially if they are bound to bring revolution in the way things happen in the world. The invention of Television was not different…
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Analysis essay of television and ads
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"Analysis of television and ads"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, the history of the electronic television as we know it today can be traced back to the genius of three major people, starting with Thomas Edison, who discovered what he referred to as telephonescope, which was a system that allowed pictures and sound to be seen and heard in a different location, from where they were being taken (Abramson, 47). Fundamentally, it is the invention by Edison that first proved it could be able to combine and transmit both light and sound concurrently (Downing, 13). Thus, even the later engineers and inventors who later perfected the art of television production recognized that, the basis upon which the television was developed, was the fundamentals “which Edison helped to erect” , despite the fact that Edison did not bear any direct relations to the creation of Television (Gutterman, 243). It is his invention that laid the groundwork for its development, through demonstrating the major concept of light and sound combination and transmission, all at the same time. Vladimir Zworykin is the other major inventor in the field of Television invention, who consumed two decades, between 1919 and 1939, developing the concept invented by Edison, and finally coming up with the ‘iconoscope’, which was used to scan pictures, which would then be transmitted alongside sound (Downing, 30). Further, another major inventor in the Television development emerged, in the name of Philo Farnesworth who dedicate much of his time in devising a system of transmitting images and sound at the same time, and he finally managed to put up a concept in 1927, which indicated that his system was “able to transmit an image from one of his early camera tubes, proving that his new system would work" (Abramson, 105). After the inventions, both Zworykin and Farnesworth shared their patents with different broadcasting companies which then used the camera dissectors they had developed to transmit and air content on television sets. The Television set invention and development can be traced to the work of Paul Nipkow, a technician in Germany, who developed an electronic device that could be used to relay both images and sound, in 1884 (Gutterman, 107). Important turning points in the evolution of the television The major turning point in the history of television occurred with the introduction of the first television broadcast. The first television broad cast that was publicly announced occurred in the USA in 1928, followed by the UK and Germany in 1929, and then France and the Soviet Union in 1931 (Downing, 28). However, the pioneer manufacture of the commercial television set was a German company, Telefunken, which had collaborated with Zworykin to have him share his patented ‘iconoscope’, which was then used to develop the television set by the company in Germany, in 1934 (Abramson, 102). The first type of television that was introduced for broadcasting was the mechanical television, which applied mechanical scanning devices to generate and transmit video signals, applying the disk that was discovered by a German technician, and became popularly known as the Nipkow disk, which was a rotating disc that could transmit pictures over a wire cable (Gutterman, 233). However, considering that the picture quality applied by the mechanical te ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis Essay of Television and Ads Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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