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Shows the issue of fast food in the US ChooseChina and research the role and power of fast food there. Write an about wh - Essay Example

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Role of Fast Food Industry in China and Why the Chinese Government Should Regulate Fast Food Consumption by Regulating Fast Food Advertisement Introduction As compared to the United States, China is highly regarded as a conservative and culturally sensitive country…
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Shows the issue of fast food in the US ChooseChina and research the role and power of fast food there. Write an essay about wh
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"Shows the issue of fast food in the US ChooseChina and research the role and power of fast food there. Write an about wh"

Download file to see previous pages The main staple food for the Chinese people is rice but meat dishes coming from diverse sources such as dogs and snakes are also very popular in China (76-81). Therefore, based on the Chinese cuisine or the popular dishes in the country it is correct to argue that fast foods are likely to gain high preference in China because of the fact that their dishes borders closely with dishes classified as fast foods such as chips and fried chicken. It is important to note that this assumption would have being invalid if the popular Chinese dishes majorly comprised of traditional dishes that are farm grown. The argument that the Chinese have a high preference for fast foods based on the Chinese cuisine is supported by the fact that there are numerous fast foods restaurants in China and majority have American origin such as the Kentucky Fried Chicken, which has opened up 4,618 branches within its 61 years stay in China (Bankman and Alivisatos). Additionally, Bankman and Alivisatos stated that China consumption of meat is twice that of the United States, as it stands at 71 million tons per year. ...
Therefore, the implementation of this proposal would reduce the cost incurred in treating illnesses or disease such as obesity and high blood pressure that are attributed to the high consumption of fast food products and it will increase the life expectancy period in China. This proposed regulation will bear the expected results since according to Schlosser; it has been able to reduce consumption of fast foods in the United Kingdom, which already has such a regulation in place (178-189). The impact of fast food consumption on the Chinese population China has a vibrant fast food industry that is largely populated by western players of which key among is the Kentucky Fried Chicken and even the globally revered McDonald fast food restaurant chain, which according to Bankman and Alivisatos is expanding at a sporadic rate with ten new restaurants being opened on a weekly basis. This clearly affirms how the Chinese diet has integrated fast foods that bear origin to the western world (1). Bankman and Alivisatos lamented that fast foods majorly offer western-style foods that are made-up of high contents, carbohydrates, saturated fat, and sugar that have less nutritional value and with a lot of processing (1). Sipahi in his writings stated that such fast foods have attributed to the rising cases of obesity in countries that include U.S, China, and the UK, were it has spiraled to an alarming level thereby being declared a serious national crisis (56-58). Schneider further added that a previous research study conducted by the German Institute of Human Health established a clear relation between the consumption of western diet that have high contents of potatoes, sugar, refined grains , and meat with weight gain among the consumers (1). Secondly, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Shows the Issue of Fast Food in the US ChooseChina and Research the Essay)
Shows the Issue of Fast Food in the US ChooseChina and Research the Essay.
“Shows the Issue of Fast Food in the US ChooseChina and Research the Essay”, n.d.
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