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Dream Act: Shortcomings, Limitations and Arguments Against Legalization - Essay Example

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America is known to the world as a country of brewing dreams. Novels, poems, plays and cinemas have been made countless in number envisaging the spirit of America and American Dream. …
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Dream Act: Shortcomings, Limitations and Arguments Against Legalization
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"Dream Act: Shortcomings, Limitations and Arguments Against Legalization"

Download file to see previous pages No one can also undermine the fact that these immigrants who have come to America to seek a better fortune have considerably contributed to the development of America with their hardship. America in recent decades has also faced a lot of trouble with immigrants and immigration policy. On the other hand, the government of America has also taken due care for the immigrants who have flown to the nation uprooting themselves from their land in search of a life worth living. In the year 2001, American legislative proposed and introduced in their Senate a bill, unique of its kind and was a kind of regulation that was being introduced in the history of America for the first time. DREAM Act which is the acronym for the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors shall seek to provide the immigrant minors who possess a good character morally and have graduated from the U.S. High Schools and have arrived at the land of the United States as minors with the facility of permanent residency under certain conditions applied upon them. The bill has been proposed by Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch (American Immigration Council, “The DREAM Act”). The DREAM Act has many positive sides. However, it encompassed within its premises many negative aspects as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dream Act: Shortcomings, Limitations and Arguments Against Essay.
“Dream Act: Shortcomings, Limitations and Arguments Against Essay”, n.d.
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