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Abortion from a Pro-Life Perspective - Research Paper Example

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There was a time when the solution to an unwanted pregnancy was to seek out “back alley” abortions that were not necessarily performed by physicians, used unsterilized and non-medical tools, and came with a high level of risk to the patient…
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Abortion from a Pro-Life Perspective
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"Abortion from a Pro-Life Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages Many women suffered from serious and, often, long term, consequences, including internal damage, permanent sterility, and infections. There are a great number of women who did not survive long after having these procedures. To prevent these kinds of unsafe procedures abortions have been made more readily available to women. Unfortunately, this only led to a greater gap between those who fought on both sides of the issue. Those who support a woman’s right to choose abortion, often called “Pro-Choice,” as an option feel that it is a woman’s right and she cannot be forced to use her body to produce a new life unless she wishes to. The “Pro-Life” representatives, those who do not support abortion of any kind, actively believe that every abortion is essentially a murder of an innocent life (Giubilini, and Minerva 1). There are, also, moderates, those who have concluded that the only way to find resolution on this heated issue is through compromise. They do not believe abortions should be completely legal and available, but based on circumstance. For example, underage girls who have suffered sexual abuse or incest, a woman whose pregnancy put her health in danger and anyone whose pregnancy resulted from an act of rape. These victims should have the option. In the end, because there are so many unanswered questions and uncertainties regarding abortion it is best to err on the side of caution and make abortion procedures illegal until such knowledge is gained. There are two very strong reasons to support the “Pro-Life” perspective. The first, involves the question, “when does life begin?” At what point in the development of a fetus does it become aware and when does it qualify for the rights belonging to all individuals? Is it the moment of conception or when the brain develops? We do not know. When does it have an innate right to its life and anything interfering with that becomes an act of violence or murder? Many religious individuals press the topic of the fetus’s “soul.” Unfortunately, neither religion nor science can answer either of these questions with an absolute certainty. So we do not know if the fetus’s aborted possessed self-awareness, ethically have a right to its life, or is its existence until birth technically not its own being. Not knowing these answers, whether you are a religious person or simply a logical one, you cannot be certain then how can anyone flippantly determine that it is nothing more than a gathering of “cellular material.” Until these answers are found abortion must remain an issue of debate and not put into practice. The second main issue that supports a “Pro-Life” perspective is the worry that having legal abortions would lead to more and more abortion procedures being performed. If may make the sexually active public less dependent on contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancy and allowing abortions to act as their birth control. The idea being that some woman would be having multiple abortions on a regular basis. Between legalization and the unanswered questions involving the rights of fetuses it makes for an unsettling and ethically questionable future. Legalization would only increases the numbers of unwanted pregnancies not reduce them (University California Santa Barbara). Creating new life should not be perceived the same way that an infectious disease is perceived. Discovery that you are pregnant should not be sending you to the clinic to have it treated like an illness. This sets the precedent that there are degrees to the value of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pro Life Campaign
Pro Life Campaign The United States abortion movement also known as the United States life movement or simply the USA pro-life movement is a political and social movement based in the USA that opposes any form of abortion on demand procedure. Be it a self sponsored or insurance sponsored procedure, the group is always out to oppose it.
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The right to life movement
This research has also highlighted the perspective of the sociologists regarding the issue and the organization involved. Thus, a detailed study of the particular issue and the role of the organization in the issue can be observed in the discussion of the essay.
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Abortion Rates In Russia
The debate surrounding abortion is a relatively new phenomenon within much of the world, speaking historically. Whereas many developed countries in the world had previously legalized abortion decades prior to the United States landmark of Roe v. Wade, the history of abortion and its implementation within society can be traced back even as far as the anxious Egyptians.
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Do women suffer mental health issues after experiencing an abortion
While there is no evidence to suggest that the physical event of an abortion has any impact on the mental health of a woman, there are high levels of evidence to the impact it will have from a psychosocial point of view. Because of the high levels of shame, guilt, and socially imposed stigma on a woman for having gone through the event of an abortion, mental well-being may be disrupted as the emotions of the decision may overwhelm the coping capabilities available to her.
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Abortion (or Pro Life)
Despite the fact that on several occasions, due to different forms of physical ailments a woman is compelled to take the extremely tough decision to provide permission to a physician of being aborted,
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Abortion rights supporting Pro-Life
Abortion has attracted intense debate on whether it should be legalised or banned. Pro-life arguments are against abortion and assert that every child has a right to life and unborn babies’ rights are equal to those of the mothers (Lee 18). In addition, childless couples who need children can adopt the unwanted babies.
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Abortion, Age, Gender, and Education
As the author of the paper puts it, age, education, and race are some of the variables that affect the ethical angle of abortion. Moreover, it is possible to project perspectives on the dangers, prevalence, and challenges of abortion within the perspective of age. In fact, it would be appropriate to determine the age of the persons affected by abortion.
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Essay on Abotion Rights
In years preceding the Roe vs. Wade case and the Doe vs. Bolton case of 1973, majority of the states either prohibited abortion completely or with exceptions in cases where the pregnancy was as a result of rape, incest, or where the pregnancy posed danger to the health of the mother in addition to situations where the child was deformed.
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Immorality of Abortion
The other faction is the pro choice, which holds the belief that the mother should be free to decide what to do with the pregnancy. Each side has come up with a myriad of arguments both trying to prove their particular stand is right and moral. This paper, written from a pro-life perspective, will attempt to prove that abortion is in direct contravention of morality and demonstrate this through logical reasoning and comparative arguments from both pro-life and pro-choice.
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Abortion, a Right of Choice
The topic of legal abortion often leads to emotion-filled ideological debates which have divided the nation’s citizens and politicians. This contentious division has lasted for several years and will for all foreseeable years to come. People are absolutely in either in the ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice’ camp.
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