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Arguing to Persuade - Essay Example

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Author Tutor Course Date Arguing to persuade In human lives, communication plays a significant role both in formal and informal settings. In the formal setting, communication is mostly through writing. Writing is a form of argument that intends to make what we think clear to ourselves and the outside world…
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Arguing to Persuade
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Extract of sample "Arguing to Persuade"

Download file to see previous pages Argument to persuasion invites more use of language resources than argument to persuade (Caine 54). A persuasive paper intends to use logic and reasoning to convince others abandon their stands and beliefs and be conformed to the writers views). In this regard, this writing prior to preparation is necessary. There are stipulated steps that, if followed would result to a high performing persuasive paper. To begin with, an author should choose a certain stand (Wachob 34). Before one embarks on convincing others about his point of view, he or she must be sure of what he or she believes. Understanding and analyzing the audience follows; after this, the writer must delve into serious research on the topic. This enables one form concrete decisions, explanations to every statement and also boosts personal confidence and esteem. It is also in this level that one understands the failures of former works in the topic and develops mechanisms to counter them. The research on the topic also helps indentify reliable and legitimate sources of information and experts on the same. From the research plane, one is to develop a hypothesis, a proposition, a claim on the topic. The hypothesis should be debatable, carry with it two opposing ends. One can resort to having a thesis that stands against his or her stand, doing this ensures that the claim is debatable. The next move is to try and extrapolate possible refutations against your stand. This stage can be meant to do two things, prepare one psychologically to defend his or her stand and prepare answers to the refutations citing legitimate and available evidences (Forsyth 23). The next point is to provide concrete reasons for a particulate stand. This can be done by providing evidences by the use of facts, statistics from dependable sources and by the use of illustrations and examples. There are elements of a good persuasive writing. There should be order of how things get presented. This allows a clear flow of information without conflicting of ideas, facts and truths. To start with is the introduction of the paper. This part gives an oversight of the paper and should not to be too lengthy. Terminologies in the topic of the paper should be defined and be explained at this point. Explanation of the background of the paper can also be given in the introduction (Caine 64). In the end of introduction, the claim should be introduced in a clear and precise way. The thesis can tell the reader the actual topic of the paper and the organization of the paper After introduction and having stated the thesis, the next thing in line is defending the thesis by providing evidences. This happens in the body of the paper and should take a minimum of three paragraphs. The thesis carries the whole paper. At this point, it is healthy to have the extrapolated refutations in the fingertips so as to start countering them from the very first defense. The paragraphs should also be arranged in accordance with the weight of the evidences, starting from the beast to the least. The last statement of the paragraph should also be able to link with the next paragraph in a manner that embraces a perfect flow of information. (Wachob 39) After a perfect statement of the writers evidences, the paper should proceed to a new paragraph or segment that purely focuses on refutations. Since the writer communicates through writing, he or she is denied the chance of getting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arguing to Persuade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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