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Doe Season (1985) How does the challenge of growing up reflect itself in Doe Season and what relationship does this the - Essay Example


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Doe Season (1985) How does the challenge of growing up reflect itself in Doe Season and what relationship does this the

Likewise, the hero goes through predictable steps to overcome adversity - the hero is presented with a challenge, he or she is reluctant to meet this challenge, until there is a mentor who shows him or her the way, and then he or she crosses the threshold, a fear is met, and the reward is realized (Campbell, 6). Andy meets one of the elements of the hero’s journey, in that she rose to meet a challenge, but, in many ways, her story was not that of a hero’s journey at all. One of the ways that Andy does not meet the definition of a hero’s journey is that she does not seem to be fundamentally flawed at the beginning of the story. For instance, she is only nine years old, but Andy is a child who is very sure of herself and is able to hold her own with the adults. This is shown with her putting Mac in his place, as Mac is a rather rude individual who is inappropriate with Andy. In fact, there was even a bit of foreshadowing that Mac might have it in his mind to abuse Andy – his talk with Andy when he questions her on whether or not she had seen a penis was inappropriate at best, as it doesn’t have anything to do with deer hunting, especially since it was doe season, not buck season. Even young Andy thought that Mac was inappropriate about this, thinking that if Mac offered to show her his penis that she would kick him. Therefore, it would seem that, at least in this exchange, Andy was the adult and Mac was the child. This maturity beyond her years is something that is a positive attribute, and

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David MIchael Kaplan's Doe Season

The paper presents many elements that the author has used to display one universal theme: the transition from childhood to adulthood, and the many emotional factors attached to it. At the very end of the story, we see how Andy fully embraces her womanhood by going back to her original name “Andrea”. This shows how she has finally accepted the reality and her mind is not conflicted anymore.

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David Michael Kaplan's Doe Season
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Andy doesn’t have any kind of fear or other kind of flaw that would make her journey that of a true hero. She starts out mature and wise, and this never does change throughout the story. This is not to say that she didn’t go through a journey of awakening in the story, because she did. She overcame a fear that she didn’t know that she had, which was the fear of killing the animal. She wanted to show the others on the trip that she had the heart of steel and that she couldn’t put emotions into what she was doing, but she failed at this. However, even this doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of a hero’s journey, because her fear was not based upon something that was irrational or even based upon the unknown. Her fear of shooting the doe was based mostly on compassion - she saw the doe and imagined what the doe would feel when she was shot, and this made her hesitate. This wasn’t fear so much as it was just her being human – most people, even most adults, probably would bristle at shooting a living animal, so this was no different for Andy. She had a sense of ethics that was missing in the adults in the party, for the adults didn’t see the hunting from the doe’s point of view at all, yet Andy did. Also, Andy didn’t really find a mentor in this story. Her father, arguably, was her mentor, but her father was somebody that she knew all along. A true hero’s journey would involve finding a mentor who was previously unknown – like Luke Skywalker found Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Dorothy found Glenda and her three friends. Moreover, there really wasn’t a reward for Andy – it is arguable that the major challenge that Andy faced was that of killing the doe, and she does rise to the challenge. But she had so much guilt feelings that she had a nightmare about the doe, and all that she could think about was that she


Date The Doe Season and the Hero’s Journey Andy is the main character in the short story The Doe Season, and there are some ways that her journey reflects a hero’s journey. According to Robbins (767), there are everyday heroes, and these heroes represent archetypes, or common patterns in characters…
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Doe Season (1985) How does the challenge of growing up reflect itself in Doe Season and what relationship does this the
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