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Cell Phones - Research Paper Example

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Cell phones Introduction Cell phones are even recognized as mobile phones as well as cellular phones and are devices for communication which help in exchanging information with the use of radio link. Cell phones have been an important part of the society for several years and this technology has experienced tremendous amount of change since its evolution…
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Cell Phones
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Download file to see previous pages Body Past, Present and Future Cell phone use has elevated over the years and alone in the region of United States the number of Cell phone users within a time period of 5 years starting from 2007 and ending in 2012 have increased from over 255.4 million users to 326.4 million users and this accounts for an increase in mobile phone users by 27% (CTIA 1). The first cell phone was born around 40 years back when the very first phone call through a cell phone was made by Martin Cooper and the cell phone that was used to make that call was named as DynaTAC and it was an invention made by Motorola Company. This phone was commonly renowned as the brick since it was similar to the size and shape of a brick and was quite heavy to travel with (Yahoo News 1). The initial phones were not only quite difficult to carry around, they were even quite expensive and a few members of the society who belonged to the category of elites could purchase such phones. There was a need for innovation in the technology and this motivated the designers to create phones which were much easier to carry around and inexpensive to purchase so that all the members of the society could use them. The designers were not only motivated to create phones that were easy to carry and affordable, their motivation to innovate the technology was even backed by several other needs of consumers. These needs included communication needs, entertainment needs as well as need to socialize. Various innovations in the cell phone technology that have occurred over the course of past 40 years includes phones such as Nokia 5110 which was quite renowned for its entertainment features such as the game snake, and Motorola Razr V3 which was quite popular for being sleek and providing abundant amount of talk time and as recent as the invention of Android phones which are recognized for fulfilling business, social and entertainment needs (Yahoo News 1 & Webster 1). Designers of cell phone technology continue to innovate and excite the cell phone consumers and in future it is expected that they will create cell phones that have never been thought off as previously experienced by the industry. Benefits versus Disadvantages of Cell Phones Since the inception of cell phones and since the acceptance of cell phones as a necessity, there has been heavy debate regarding whether cell phones have benefited the society or harmed the society. Cell phones can be both beneficial as well as harmful for society, but if used in an appropriate manner, cell phones can cause more benefits than disadvantages for the society as well as the individual members and groups within it. Cell phones have benefited people of different ages along with businesses as they serve several purposes. Cell phones help people remain connected with their loved ones as well as business partners at all time (Berger 427). Cell phones allow individuals with the ease of carry and this helps individuals in communicating with other individuals at any point in time. Businesses even get the benefit of remaining in touch with various stakeholders including customers as well as employees due to the widely acceptability of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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