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Listening Teaching Demos for Intermediate Level - Essay Example

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This paper is focused attention on the four directions. I aim to choose this activity because, at this level, the teacher should focus on giving more and more examples to the students for enabling better listening skills. …
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Listening Teaching Demos for Intermediate Level
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Download file to see previous pages Likewise, the teaching presentation can be altered based on whether or not the speed at which the stakeholders are taking the information is slower or faster than may have been anticipated. Such an approach is especially salient when teaching in the elementary setting where the educator is oftentimes unaware of whether or not the students have been presented information before. (5 minutes) Introduction Teacher will introduce the lesson for the students by drawing cardinal points on the board to indicate the four directions, and then will proceed to a brief presentation regarding how these cardinal points have a long history, a brief discussion of the compass, and a segue to why Saudi Arabia, arguably the center of Arab culture, has been chosen for review. In this way, a brief history of the compass, an understanding of how cardinal points affect one’s life and allow individuals to relate to one another / identify with one another can be effected with the students. (20 minutes) Explaining & feedback The teacher will explain the lesson by writing on the board the directions such as north, south, east, and west, and will show the students a map of Saudi Arabia to recognize its boundary by (See the Appendix) referring to the four directions to find a city location. Afterwards, the teacher will point out if a city location is between two cardinal points using these terms: North South East West Northwest (NW) Southeast (SE) Southwest (SW) Northeast (NE) Then the teacher will ask the students randomly to answer a series of questions by using the Saudi Arabia map, such as: 1. What is to the north of Saudi Arabia? – Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan. 2....
Listening Teaching Demos for Intermediate Level

From the information that is thus far been provided, it can be seen that delivering a discussion and class participation module with respect to cardinal points can have a primary, secondary, and tertiary impact upon a litany of different aspects of furthering the educational process. Firstly, it targets participation and encourages students to become actively engaged in the learning process through working in teams and seeking out solutions. Secondly, it utilizes only a handful of instructional materials as a way of making the point and providing the active forms of education that have been previously delineated. Thirdly, it organizes the classroom environment in a non-unidirectional way. What is meant by this is that the teacher is not responsible for providing the students with an endless stream of information and then expecting them to regurgitate this back to him / her. Rather, the active part of learning within this particular scenario is taken by the pupils themselves. Although it is understood by this particular educator that it is not his role to be responsible for teaching each of these different subject matters in their entirety, providing the linkage between them and allowing the students to explore and improve their education based upon these determinants has a marked level of educational benefit. However, as has been noted with regard to the lesson plan above, by allowing curiosity and excitement of the unknown to help promote these determinants, the students are in fact able to partially motivate themselves as a means of engaging with the subject matter at hand. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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