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Literary Analysis - Essay Example

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Literary Analysis Name: Institution: To be educated must include passing through an education system. Education is what takes place in school and colleges. In school, education is specifically accompanied with technical competence. The training for capability involves putting in mind that training is a key word for education…
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Literary Analysis
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"Literary Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages To be educated is to be well informed. Education assumes that it is a lifetime development not only in sixteen years of training, but also throughout an individual’s life. Therefore, this paper seeks to highlight different characteristics of education basing on Jon Spayde’s definitions. It also reviews his book on education and training. To be educated involves being well acquainted with what is learnt. This normally takes place and is developed throughout the networks we make in the world. A strong education, according to Spayed, is one that is acquired through the best combination we can make in school, online exploration, poetry classes and salon (Spayde, 1998, p.66). Education should also entail learning and exploring ideas and skills outside classroom. To be educated hence involves to be equated with a preparation for competitiveness. Multiculturalists believe education has become a battle line. Therefore, it is through education and being educated where we duke out frequently with the angry neo-traditionalists. To be educated is to be adequately prepared for the contemporary world and the ever-advancing knowledge and science and technology (Spayde, 1998, p.67). Spayde believes firmly that not all the classical American generation have doubt about the education matters. There are two types of education and these include formal and informal forms of education. Formal education is the inner core of being educated. It was a serious boundary between those we consider well educated and the least educated. Talking about being educated, therefore, involves class. Class has brought into existence superiority and power in the modern society. Jon Spayde, in his book, expresses different definitions and ideas people hold on education. Spayde asserts that education consists of life experiences. People have to discover equilibrium between a self-learning and an academic education. Spayde advocates for education that comprises of virtue such as integrity, co-operation and responsibility (Spayde, 1998, p.57). A school education may not prepare an individual for the real world, but self-education ensures. Nevertheless, John Spayde feels that a school education has particular worth. He also explains that class and education are about power. Spayed claims, in his book, that education must be both life and academic experiences (Spayde, 1998, p.67). This idea is strongly supported by his colleagues who also assert that a definite focus should be put on education. His answers, therefore, fulfil all his implicit promises. He believes that technology runs the modern world and that everybody should embrace technology. Additionally, Spayde asserts that technical training will soon become out-dated anyway. Miles Harvey, a journalist, believes that debates on teaching are downhearted to a time concern. Learning is time consuming and that is why most people are only interested in learning and focusing on particular academic disciplines. According to Elizabeth Sutton Lawrence, the self-education goes as early as during the Greek times. The vision and goals of California state university Monterey Bay is being academic community plural model where all respect one another during the learning process for a mutual benefit (Spayde, 1998, p.68) This was known as in-the-street education where the early Greek education was brought largely from the experiences in the market places. Socrates met and dared his students in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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