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Name Date Course Section/# The Habit Loop: A Personal Investigation and Discussion of Habit Whether one realizes it or not, a high percentage of actions that are conducted by an individual throughout the course of their life are in fact habits…
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Download file to see previous pages Although it is not the goal of this brief analysis to discuss the means through which safety and comfort are innate within habit itself, this fact can obviously be denoted in a number of different ways. For purposes of this brief analysis, the author will discuss what is known as “the habit loop”; a theoretical interpretation of human habit and the underlying reason that prompts individuals to behave in a repetitive manner with regards to the choices, actions, and/or decisions they make. In order to understand this in something of a microcosm, the author will be presenting the reader with a brief examination of a habit that is engaged and whether or not this habit applies, follows, and typifies the “habit loop” that is previously been referenced. As such, it is the hope of this author that the reader will come away with a more profound understanding and appreciation of the way in which the habit loop impact describes and finds the way in which actions are repeated. With regards to the habit that will be analyzed, this author will consider the individual ordering process that is exhibited with regards to the fast food chain – Taco Bell. ...
This craving is of course awaiting a cue; at which time a direct level of connection between the initial craving and reward is bridged by a routine that the mind has come to accept. Although this may seem a relatively intricate and complex process, the fact of the matter is that this is engaged in each and every single habitual choice that any individual makes. A craving is initially exhibited within the mind; waiting for a cue. Once the queue is triggered, the reward is understood by the mind and can only be reached through the application of an applicable routine. In this way, with regards to the habit in question, the proclivity to order the same meal, regardless of the multitude of different offerings, represents a craving that is connected to a reward that is understood as only being satisfied by a particular menu choice. Psychologists have argued that the Golden rule of habit change states that the most effective way of seeking to change a given habit is to somehow keep the initial cue and reward that is able to be enjoyed whereas only modifying the routine itself. Naturally, this can be understood with regards to the way in which smoking cessation, Alcoholics Anonymous, and a number of other addictive substance counseling services seek to integrate with the patient. However, on even a more benign level, the golden rule habit change can also be applied the situation question. Instead of merely arriving at the understanding that the reward can only be derived through the set routine, the queue must be reconnected with an understanding of the fact that reward can also be derived from the alternate set of circumstances and/or an alternate set of choices. As such, seeking to change the routine in question would necessarily be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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