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Poetry - Essay Example

The decisions that individuals do take in life do happen to have an impact over their future life. In fact, the process of decision making and its reverberations on the future life of an individual tends to be the theme of the poem The Road not Taken. Robert Frost in the poem The Road not Taken happens to resort to a figurative and metaphorical approach to elaborate on the essential contradiction between the free will and fate, thereby enunciating as to how the human destiny is shaped by both the decisions taken by the individuals and the dictates of fate. The very first line of the poem tends to affiliate to both a literal and metaphorical setting, signifying a fork on the way that the poet comes across (Wilcox & Barron, 2000). The fork or the road splitting in the woods do seems to be representative of the decisions that an individual is required to make in one’s life. Thereby in a metaphorical context, the road talked about by the poet that splits in the woods is symbolic of the choices (Wilcox & Barron, 2000). ...
The road as described in the fourth and fifth lines that is, “And looked down one as far as I could/ To where it bent in the undergrowth” happens to be a metaphor for the uncertainty inherent in the realm of the future. It conveys the human incapacity to not be able peep beyond a limit in the future and the necessity to make decisions based on whatever little information that an individual has at one’s disposal (Timmerman, 2002). Thereby the title The Road not Taken is indeed

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He was not an outstanding student at school from the beginning but his sheer love for poetry was eminent in his writings from the very beginning. He began admiring the works of Jules Verne, Emest Hemingway, Robert Frost, and John Steinbeck as his admirers.
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Machine versus nature has been an epic tale of efforts and a tremendous struggle to gain supremacy, in the poem a consequence of this battle becomes visible as it lies “dead on the edge of the Wilson River road” (Stafford 11). The “voice” in the poem is representative of a persona of real life, where the speaker wishes to communicate to the audience what he sees as he travels through the dark, how he reacts to this discovery and what actions are taken by him.
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 In the poem, Robert Frost makes use of a symbolic setting to help the readers to contemplate on the importance of decision making in life. For instance, the two roads which are diverging into the woods are symbolic of choices in life. The term ‘yellow woods’, is symbolic of autumn season and nature’s readiness to accept a new season.

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The author of the essay states that alliteration occurs when a number of words with same consonant sound are adjacent to each other in series.  While on the other hand rhyme occurs when there is a repetition of similar sounds in words or more words most often in the final syllable of line in syllable.

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representative of the theme and the message inherent in the poem. As far as the identity of the narrator in the poem is concerned, it could safely be concluded that the narrator is the poet himself. If one attempts to cull out a profile of the narrator on the basis of the message inherent in the poem and the strategy resorted to by the narrator to convey this message, one comes out as being a mature and seasoned personality that has seen much life and has mellowed well in the light of the experiences one went through in one’s life. The narrator comes our as evincing an attitude of conviction regarding the message inherent in the poem. The mood imbued in the poem appears to be somber and meditative. The intention of the poet seems to be to emphatically convey to the readers the message that life is all about making choices and it is the choices that an individual makes that eventually determine the course of one’s life and the experiences that one comes across in the future (Tuten & Zubizarreta, 2001). The intricacy and the detailed manner in which the poet happens to convey his dilemma as he comes across a fork in the woods really adds to the sense of seriousness and uncertainty being faced by the lonely traveler that is the poet. The mood of the poem is further accentuated by


The Road not Taken by Robert Frost Name of the Student English Name of the Concerned Professor September 22, 2013 Thesis Statement: Robert Frost in the poem The Road not Taken happens to resort to a figurative and metaphorical approach to elaborate on the essential contradiction between the free will and fate, thereby enunciating as to how the human destiny is shaped by both the decisions taken by the individuals and the dictates of fate…
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