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Civil War American civil war: interpretation of the defining event in American history From the quote on the American civil war, the historian Shelby Foote wanted to convey that any understanding of the American nation has to be based on the study of the civil war of America…
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Civil War
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"Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages The civil war between the North and the South served as crossroads for the development of the nation in future. In order to understand the American nation as a whole, the civil war has to be studied as it has been claimed that “what America is today” is due to the civil war of the nineteenth century. The civil war has played a key role in defining the existence and character of the United States of today. Before the civil war, America was viewed as a nation segregated into different states. The civil war transformed America into a comprehensive nation comprising of several states and is named as the United States of America. The most important cause for the civil war in America from 1861 to 1865 was the issue if slavery (Rhodes, 2009). The civil war is seen as the internal war between the states of America. The Northern states were opponents of slavery and never supported the issue as it did not resemble the true spirits of America. The Northern sates formed the Union. The Southern states depended on slavery for sustaining the growth of economy. The civil war gained momentum when the slavery was proposed to be spread to the western states. Due to opposite views, the Southern states of America that were slave states declared secession from the Union. The southern states of America wanted themselves free from the shackles of the Union and wanted a separate existence. The Southern states declared a separate confederation of states in America as a symbol of the secession. The Union wanted to keep United States in tact and had the intentions of setting the states free from slavery. As a result of this, a bloody civil war occurred between the northern and the southern states that continued over a period of four years. There was no intervention of foreign power in the civil war of America. The civil war resulted in huge loss of infrastructure and loss of lives of the people of America. More than 600,000 soldiers were killed in the war and the properties and infrastructure of the southern states were devastated. The confederation of the southern states ultimately collapsed and it was possible to finally get rid of slavery. The process of reconstruction of the nation led to the restoration of national unity. The slaves were freed and individual were granted fundamental rights of freedom. Thus the civil war was the platform for the formation of national unity and integrity of the states of America (Mitchell, 2001). The abolition of slavery and grant of fundamental rights and freedom to the individuals led to the formation of United States of America. Thus, an analysis of the civil war, its causes and consequences are important to understand the identity, existence and character of today’s United States of America. Cause of victory of North despite resistance of South The civil war that started between the Northern and the Southern states of America observed some fierce encounters. There were fierce resistances put up by the Southern state generals in order to save their confederation of states. The Union under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln sent the forces to capture the southern states as they differed from the policies of the Union. The resistance and fight put up by the southern generals like Robert Lee and Stonewall Jackson were brilliant in order to defend their cause and inflicted huge damage on the Northern states. Under the orders of Abraham Lincoln, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Three Major Causes of the American Civil War / Which One Causes was Most Important and Why
With reference to the context, The American Civil War was triggered due to few definite issues related to rights, inequality and slavery among others. The American Civil War has been considered in this discussion so as to evaluate the meaning of the civil war.
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Civil War

In the report, the researcher has discussed some military failures surfaced during the civil war. The American federal army learned a lot from these war scenarios and the top hierarchical leadership strived harder to overcome the readily available supply lines as this matter was of the grave importance during the Civil war. 

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Compares and contrasts the interpretations of McClellans generalship
However, McClellan remained unshaken in his convictions until the end of his life, despite the embarrassment occasioned by them. As a prominent person in one of the most talked-about battles in the history of America, several books have tackled McClellan's position and contribution towards the Civil War.
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Role of Compromise in Delaying the Civil War

According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that although the congress failed to appreciate the amendment, the process of working it out helped delay the civil war. The researcher states that the combination of factors discussed in the paper made the war to delay until 1850 when the civil war started.

1 Pages(250 words)Essay
Civil War
tates, interpretations of the Constitution and particularly Slavery, the vast differences between North and South are evident, and the Civil War does seem to have been inevitable. Essential to the causes of the American Civil War is the strong feelings Southern States had
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Civil War
Civil war exposes people to untold sufferings. Women and children are usually the hardest hit since they are highly vulnerable. Using secondary sources analysis and first-hand observation, results indicate that civil wars cause emotional and psychological suffering. There are also cases of physical suffering where people are maimed forever.
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Civil War
The fugitive State act was instated as a part of the compromise that was reached in 1850. The act was only one part of the compromise however it was the one which had the deepest impact.
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Annotated bibliography
It gives more emphasis to the reasons for the civil war and what both sides fought four. Reasons to why the north won and the south lost are given in this source as well as post-war alignment. This source is valuable as it helps in understanding the
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Does the availability of photographs significantly change what we can know about the U.S. Civil War
They called it the South or the Confederacy. Confederacy expounded its boundaries and added four more territories and still claimed other three together with other western states. However,
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American Civil War in World History
The American Civil War was a war of interest to many nations, with some hoping that the war would continue and devastate or at least tame the Americas political and economic power, while others hoped for the secession of the South. Nevertheless, there were other nations that hoped for a speedy resolution of the war.
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
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