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Dracula define monstrostiy within the context, who is the real monster - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Real Monster in Dracula In the Dracula, monstrosity is one of the leading themes de eloped by the author. The book highlights the existence of a monstrous being that scares and causes them harm in various ways. Count Dracula, who resides on the Dracula castle, is evidently the central monstrous being among the people…
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Dracula define monstrostiy within the context, who is the real monster
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Download file to see previous pages Although the vampires threatened Harker, Dracula identified him as his victim. This made it evident that the Count was capable of more harm than the vampires. The fact that he had the command that allowed him to maintain Harker for himself translates to the fact that he was more powerful than the three sexually –oriented vampires who threatened him. The Dracula definitely ordered for the confinement of Harker, causing him surging fear. The victim identified the fact that Count Dracula had supernatural powers and ambitions that appeared fiendish (Conner, Espinosa, and Stoker 56). With such devilish ambitions and goals, it was evident that he was a leading monster who took his time to plot out his future missions in the evil realm. It appeared that he controlled other vampires that resided in his proximity. After the death of Lucy, who succumbed to attacks by vampires, all characters sought to conduct a vampire slaying ritual for both Lucy and progress to Count Dracula, who had remained a vampire for a long period. The power commanded by the count became evident from the diary entries made by Seward and Harker (Conner, Espinosa, and Stoker 60). ...
The fact that they wanted to terminate the vampire problem, and only were after the Count Dracula, ascertains that he was the greatest threat. From the family history that the count Dracula produces, it is evident that he originated from a family of lords, explaining why he was nostalgic of the days when his family members were renowned rulers of the part of the benefits of growing up in such a family, he still managed the title of lord in Transylvania (Conner, Espinosa, and Stoker 78). The fact that he had such powers is a reason for him to abuse his supernatural powers in the destruction and tormenting of others. Moreover, the pride of his family that he was trying to uphold was the capacity to exercise control over others. This ascertains that although other monstrous characters are depicted in the story, his social standing coupled with the devilish accomplishments make him a real monster. In addition, it is evident from the sediments expressed by the count Dracula that he longed for the possession of immense power that would enable him to have all the humans under his subjection. This longing also serves to explain his increased desire to carry out devilish missions with his supernatural powers reveals that he had intentions of harming people in all senses. Moreover, his expression of the interest in carrying out a revenge mission also indicates that he had the potential and the intention of carrying out monstrous missions. Although the entire group struggles to track down the Count Dracula and perform the rituals that would send him powerless. He has the powers to connect with his victims especially Mina, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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