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The Dogs - Research Paper Example

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This research paper gives a review on the dogs. In many years, the notion that dogs are the best companions that humans could ever have has stuck in that dogs have become part of many families in the world. …
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The Dogs
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"The Dogs"

Download file to see previous pages This paper "The Dogs" focuses on the relationship between man and dog. With time, the relationship has also became remarkable as it has extended as compared to the relationships that man might have with other men making the relationship easily attainable than the latter. The communicative aspect between man and dogs has also evolved in that man has constantly developed skills that have made relations between man and dog more effective as dogs have gradually replaced children as part of a complete family (Derr 4). The relationship between humans and canines has experienced evolution through training and interbreeding. The communicative aspect between man and dogs has also evolved in that man has constantly developed skills that have made relations between man and dog more effective as dogs have gradually replaced children as part of a complete family. In relation to the history of dogs, Catherine Johns’ article is one of the best literature pieces that emphasize how the relationship between people and man developed into what is visible today. In this article, Johns illustrates that dogs were initially wild animals that man had to domesticate to make him feel safer as he went out to hunt in the wild. In this article, the author also gives an explanation as to how dogs lost their intensive canine nature to tamed domestic animals. Ideally, man and dog’s relationship ties date back to the ancient times in which man went hunting with dogs that helped the man in bringing down resisting animals. ...
On the other hand, Olmert Meg shares a divergent view over the explanation of how human and man relationships states that resulted in which this author inclines that it was psychosocial. This is contrary to Johns view that man had to interbreed and over breed dogs with certain species in order to create the perfect companion. Olmert suggests that the connection between people and dogs goes beyond the physical aspect rather it encompasses emotions and mammalian hormones. Therefore, Olmert asserts that the relationship had inclination to trust and socially related cognition. This is evident in mammals in the same way that mothers have a connection to their newly born infants. However, the second part of John’s book illustrates the exploitative forms that the relationships between dogs and people have taken, which is a down side of domestication. For instance, dogs have become tools for research and in some societies are complementing aspects of diet. With this, Johns gives the different ways in which dogs assisted man in different societies in which they were hunting gurus in some societies, which Johns illustrates through various paintings structured within the book (Johns 35). Derr also gives another angle to this remarkable relationship that he intimates that it has superseded the relationship that humans have between themselves. In most westernized societies, dogs have replaced the need by many to having children as they have become friendlier as compared to the deteriorating relationships between man and fellow man. Additionally, most homes in America have also made dogs to form part of their families because of their welcoming and friendly nature. Derr seems to be in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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