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Narrative : An Animal I Would Be - Term Paper Example

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An Animal I Would Be Instructor Submission Date I have always enjoyed being a human being given that we happen to be the most intelligent creations. However, occasionally I have always thought about some animals, envying how different they were from human beings…
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Narrative paper: An Animal I Would Be
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"Narrative : An Animal I Would Be"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from human beings, dolphins are the most intelligent of all the animals in the universe. This is evident in the size of their brains. Researches have it that dolphins have brains about four times larger than their body size compared to those of the animals their size. If one uses the brain size as a metric of animal intelligence, then dolphins will definitely be the second most intelligent creature in the universe (Skog 122). Dolphins’ intelligence is also evident in the features of their neocortex. Neocortex is the part of the brain, which handles high order of thinking and process information relating to emotions. It was realized that their neocortex was a little bit expanded. These characteristics are likely to satisfy any human being as this would be the most adorable alternative to being human. I have always had some adoration for proper communication. Dolphins have a very reliable communication system for communicating amongst themselves. This majorly improves the co-existence amongst dolphins, as it is obvious that effective communication system is critical for a peaceful co-existence. These animals usually use whistle sounds to communicate to each other. They also use signature whistles to identify each other (Bright 97). The dolphins also use whistles during communal hunting. Just like most all human beings would like to be involved in co-ordinated communal activities, whittles enable the dolphin to co-ordinate group hunting. Dolphins also use unique whistle signature in identifying their group members. This would perfectly impress a person with love for unique identity. Dolphins live in groups that can be referred to as families. Dolphins play a big role in the upbringing of their young ones. The entire family members always help in the upbringing of young dolphins. During the early stages, the mother dolphins always nurse and feed the baby dolphins with milk (Bright 96). This always takes place until the young dolphins are able to fend for themselves. Mother dolphins also correct their young ones by buzzing them using clicks of sonar whenever they go wrong. These actions always play a major role in mentoring the young ones. Having the passion in mentoring young people, I would enjoy this part of the dolphins’ life. This will also be because of the collective responsibility of mentoring the young ones. Unlike most animal that leave the upbringing responsibilities to the mothers, the dolphins’ life style allows the involvement of the male animals. Dolphins have high imagination and are always willing to try out new things. This is evident in the curiosity they show to novel objects. It is also evident in the way they usually take interest in new occurrences. This is also seen in the way dolphins are always ready to try out new things (Skog 83). These characteristics highly improve their ability to learn. Dolphins allover the world have in various occasions exhibited their ability to learn by doing thing that they were no able to do before. Their ability to learn also explains why many fishers allover the world have trained them and use them during sea fishing. This ability to learn lacks in many of the other animals. This would explain why I would probably choose to be a dolphin over the other animals. Having swimming as a hobby, it would be an interesting experience living as a dolphin. Dolphins are known for their swift and fast swimming. This is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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