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Definition of Folklore in Context - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper "Definition of Folklore in Context" comments on the definitions of folklore in terms of versions of a well-known tale since they are many and varied. It is stated that this proliferation is because of both the semantic and theoretical differences…
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Definition of Folklore in Context
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Extract of sample "Definition of Folklore in Context"

Download file to see previous pages The paper seeks to provide a definition of the term ‘folklore’, examine the various major and minor genre of folklore. It also analyses the reason behind the preference of the phrase ‘intangible human heritage’ as opposed to ‘folklore’ by UNESCO in the 2003 Convention.
Folklore is a term generally used with reference to traditional human beliefs, superstition, tales, and human practices that have spread or conveyed in a casual manner (informal) – usually orally or through the word of mouth. The term is also relevant when referring to the comparative and comprehensive study of traditional knowledge and human culture, which people also refer to as folkloristic. Folklore encompasses such a wide area of activities carried out by people that it is impossible to categorize it comprehensively. The following is a representative and not an exhaustive list of the genres of folklore.
Folktale is usually a fairy tale or narrative among the different forms of traditional oral arts. Folktales have many characteristics that include their oral narration style, their passing on from generation to generation. Their characteristics are reliant on the time and place where a person tells them. The themes of a folktale are usually general and timeless. Often concerned with the common human being, and function to make valid certain aspects of culture. This form of art has a cultural identity because they possess the values and traits of the culture that they originate. There is often exaggeration in the characters of a folktale; they may be either human or animals. They always have a realistic setting. People often used folktales to either entertain or teach a lesson. This was especially true for African heritage and other cultural communities.
The main significance of a myth is to explain the reality of any natural phenomena. They have moral teachings and divine explanations concerning religious practices. The gods or goddesses are usually the focus of most myths. Many regard a myth as a traditional sacred story, as it normally features superhuman beings that purport to give a broadened description of natural phenomena or traditional practice. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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