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Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Hamlet The present paper aims to elucidate the theme of the play Hamlet by making an investigation into the conflict phenomenon existing in the plot in the light of analysis of the parallel characters including Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras…
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Choose one topic from the suggested topics on Hamlet. I will upload again
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Download file to see previous pages Hamlet serves as one of the greatest tragedies ever produced not only in the history of English Literature, but also in the history of all literary pieces of the world at large (Mack 44). Created by the illustrious dramatist of all ages William Shakespeare by 1602, the play concentrates upon the revenge to be taken by the protagonist Hamlet from the King Claudius for murdering his father while his sleeping in the orchard (Evans 197). Shakespeare has elaborated the theme of the play in a powerful manner through various characters involved into the developments associated with the revenge in one way or the other, which proves his command over depicting both goodness and evil (Daiches 562)-- the elements that exist in every personality as well as in all social establishments of the world without discrimination Macionis 130). Consequently, the playwright has skillfully portrayed the phenomena existing in the social, natural and physical environment of humans at large. By making a critical examination of the protagonist, it becomes crystal clear that on the one side, Hamlet appears to be the representative of goodness, who looks determined to punish the cruel and treacherous murderer of his father (Bloom 410-11); and on the other side, he is confused and reluctant to kill Claudius while he is praying and meditating in his chamber (III, iii, 73-96). It successfully demonstrates the external and internal conflicts Shakespeare aims to define in the play (Denton 2009) through his characters. The internal conflicts haunt Hamlet first due to the his mother’s second marriage to Claudius within few weeks of the death of her first husband. It is therefore, he laments that even a beast, wanting the discourse of wisdom (I, ii, 149-50) could wait more than her mother, who did not bother to delay her incestuous marriage for some appropriate period of time even (I, ii, 156-57). Hence, Hamlet mourns the death of his father in the same manner that had been in vogue in the Elizabethan era (Kirsch 21), where he has demonstrated his sheer feelings of love for his father by exclaiming that his inky cloak (I, ii, 77), reflects mere a small proportion of his grief. Similarly, he also experiences internal conflict on finding his uncle at the position of his father, though he is far inferior to his father in all regards, in the same manner that ordinary people are inferior to the mighty Hercules (I, ii, 153). Secondly, disclosure made by the ghost of his father regarding his foul and most unnatural murder (I. v. 25), also endorses his suspicion regarding Claudius’s hand in the murder of his father. Since Hamlet has learnt about the story of his father’s murder, he is urged by the ghost to take revenge from Claudius of such a cruel and unfair crime he has committed against King Hamlet. Hence, the ghost’s disclosure about the murder of King Hamlet turns Prince Hamlet aggressive, who prefers to stay in Denmark rather returning to Wittenberg to continue his education. Inner conflict Hamlet undergoes could be discovered while his dealings with Ophelia, the girl he has been in love with. He not only intends to marry her, but also obtains a powerful response from her side too (III.i.112– ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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