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Characteristics of a True Hero - Essay Example

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In most movies whether they are of the American cinema or the Chinese cinema, a hero is depicted as an individual who wears clothes that are different from others (fancy and even expensive), saves his love of life from the villains in the movie (Santas 41)…
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Characteristics of a True Hero
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"Characteristics of a True Hero"

Download file to see previous pages This depiction of a hero is only a myth, in reality, a hero is an individual who has abundant amount of strength that is physical as well as emotional in nature, who is brave enough to put his own life at stake for the wellbeing of others, has the ability to stand against pain and is very humble in nature. In movies, several heroes such as the superman, batman and the ironman have been depicted saving the world and human beings tend to acknowledge these heroes with appreciation (Oropeza 5). In the real world there are several heroes around human beings, but they are simply ignored and their importance is never realized. Body Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and they represent different professions, even a common man and a simple man can even be a hero. An individual is not born as a hero; he develops into a hero as his life basses on. People such as cops, fighters of fire, military officials, lawyers and well as doctors can even be regarded as heroes if they exhibit characteristics of a true hero and if they make the lives of other human beings better through their fearless nature and valor (Jackson 81). An arm official fighting on the border does not fight because he is a psychopath who has an eye for killing other individuals; his main purpose of fighting is the wellbeing and safeguard of the people of the nation he is representing. Both the cops as well as firefighter have repeatedly risked their lives to ensure that the people of their society are safe. Individuals who are on death bed and experiencing tremendous amount of pain due to their health condition and are still fighting against their health diseases without taking up mercy killing as an option to relief pain are heroes (Walsh 1). The most important characteristic that an individual requires to be recognized as a hero is bravery. Heroes have a special condition called bravery because they stand against their darkest fears and are courageous enough to continue fighting even if they fear that their attempts may fail. Heroes tend to be determined in nature, they never back down and continue to fight even if they fail during attempts (Rabieh 163). A hero is a person who makes several moves before he finally achieves what he started working out for. This is because attempts to perform a heroic act can fail again and again, but a true hero is one who continues to keep attempting to win even though previous attempts may have failed. A true hero is one who is dedicated to a particular cause and he is dedicated towards that cause in order to protect the interest of others and not to protect his own interest (Mosse 52). He believes that he has a higher purpose and continues to operate to attain that particular purpose. For example Martin Luther King Jr. was a brave hero who stood against slavery at the time when black Americans were suppressed and being killed for standing against the whites. He was an individual who believed in attaining rights for the blacks in a non-violent manner and continued to make public speeches and led non-violent marches for over 2,500 times in order to help the black Americans attain their right of voting, equal opportunity and civil rights (Moral Heroes 1). He continued to march and use non-violent measures to protest even though his marches were strongly condemned by the police who tried to stop him by arresting him. He was a believer of non-violent methods of protest and he believed that violent measures were wrong and cannot be used to stand against wrong doings. A hero is one who scores high in endurance and who does not give up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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My definition of a hero is an individual of high moral reputation and superior ability who follows his goals tirelessly in the face of strong antagonists. Because of his uncompromised devotion to excelling no matter the challenges, a hero attains spiritual greatness even if he fails to gain practical victory.
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