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Compare the nazi system of governance with that of the United States - Research Paper Example

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Institution: Instructor: ‘A comparison of Nazis and United States governance systems ’ In broad perspective, systems of governance is based on a number of features which include executive power, authority, free expression , devolution, participation of the people, and organizations structures…
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Compare the nazi system of governance with that of the United States
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Compare the nazi system of governance with that of the United States

Download file to see previous pages... Nazi’s system of governance is Fascist, Totalitarian state type, and United States is a republic federal system (executive in nature) (Avery p.133). The two systems of governance (Nazi and United States) have shared and differing characteristics and this research paper will be a comparison between the two systems of governance. Nazis Totalitarianism and Fascism was a system of governance where dictatorship is dominant, and societal resources are monopolized by the state by using tactics like technology, terror and propaganda. The governance within the state was based on hierarchies that were fully dominated by one political party having one single leader. The one party system does penetrate the entire country using provisional and regional organizations. The leader in this type of system or regime focuses in mobilizing and making use of political participation, groups and communities are lead by local or regional leaders who are charismatic in outlining and championing their leader’s promises and praises (Mullender pp. 178). The system reflects an aspect of extreme Nationalism which aimed at bringing about uniformity of all the German speaking citizens into one single unitary nation. The economy in Nazis system of governance was based on socialism, a form of corporate type of togetherness. The basis of socialism is that no competition is created and nobody suffers as all the wealth, resources were shared publically together. The Nazism system is based on the use of paramilitary institutions, the institution is created and instituted in order to scare, discourage and subdue opposition parties and maintain party supremacy (Rittberger pp.35). Examples of such paramilitaries include: storm troopers, defense corps, and secret state police. The type of governance system is based on massive use of spies and propaganda, and the philosophy of Elitism is also applied in running the state and other institutions. Elitism involves a process where just few social groups or individuals are given the power and authority to lead or rule. In United States, a type of republic government is applied with features of a federal system. The federal system is a system of governance where the state as divided the government into three branches and functions. Each of the branch having its own powers or authorities, but all the branches are been provide with checks and balances that ensures a regulation of reign of superiority with the purpose of legislation, execution and judicial functions. In legislation branch is given the responsibility of making federal laws and consists of senate and house of representations. The executive is given is given the job of enforcing and executing laws of the government. The judicial branch is to apply and interpret laws that are presented to them. The country is a republic because the people have been vested authority democratically to elect and recall back their leaders (Shefter pp.48). The republic or federal system is based on popular sovereignty which states that the entire whole power of the government lies on the people. The government needs to address the rights and needs of the people. The power and authority is invested on laws and acts provided by the people of the country and they must be adhered to fully. The basis of checks and balances is helpful in federal system so that one of the three branches of government does not become powerful or misuse any power or authority accorded to them (Shefter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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