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Solutions for Renewable Water Sources in Desert Regions of the World - Essay Example

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Solutions for Renewable Water Sources in Desert Regions of the World [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Solutions for Renewable Water Sources in Desert Regions of the World Water is the most vital resource that is significant for life to sustain in the world…
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Solutions for Renewable Water Sources in Desert Regions of the World
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"Solutions for Renewable Water Sources in Desert Regions of the World"

Download file to see previous pages Water scarcity is increasing and there should be sustainable solution to provide water for the urban as well as rural regions. Desert Regions have less sources of renewable water and Green solutions have the capability to provide water for the desert regions of the world. The main objective of the paper is to “Give solutions to reduce or limit water scarcity in desert regions of the world”. Water resources The planet ‘Earth’ is covered with about 71% of saline water that cannot be utilized by humans for readily use. Although, oceans and seas contribute much in providing life for the marine creatures that are beneficent for humans and balance of the planet, but the water cannot be utilized in the pure state. About 97% water present on water is salty and remaining 3% is fresh. The most part of the fresh water content about 68.7% remains frozen in the shape of glaciers, and mountainous ice caps and 30.1% are conserved by nature in ground (Ground water). The remaining 0.9% is in the form of lakes and rivers and available of humans, animals’ and plants’ use. Thus, there is a little portion of water that is available for human use, and there is a need to develop strategies and methods to conserve water for the future of the human race and for the future of the planet (Reisner, 438-442). Image Source: Chenje, nd Water scarcity is rising due to the impact of climate change. On the other hand, humans have done fewer efforts in developing technologies and strategies to conserve the water resource with the increase in the population. Renewable water resources are the resources of water that generate water through natural or artificial processes by utilizing the waste water. Rivers, Lakes and streams are the renewable water resources, where water is maintained by the natural process of rain. Renewable resources can also be considered as the fresh water resources (Reisner, 438-442). Water Scarcity Water stress has a deep relation with the size of the population and the resources the region has. The ration depicts a region is facing the water stress if the region’s water sources are unable to provide 1700 cubic meters of water to single person on an annual basis (Howard, n.p). However, if the water sources are unable to provide 1000 cubic meters of water to a person annually, the region is considered to be facing water scarcity (Webb 51-57). On the other hand, if the supply water drops lower than 500 cubic meters, the regions is considered to be facing absolute scarcity that can unable to provide enough drinking water to a person. On the other hand, the quality of water has an inverse relation with the water scarcity. People will compromise on the quality of water in water scar regions. Water scarcity is directly related to the food scarcity as crops are also unable to survive without water. Image source: Accessed from A report by United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (USDESA) writes “Around 700 million people in 43 countries suffer today from water scarcity” (, n.p). In another place, the Report predicts “By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world's population could be living under water stressed conditions” (, n.p). The corresponding report depicts that the most stressed regions of the world are Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East and in the Desert regions of Arizona and Nevada in the United States. The Report ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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