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OPTION C: Jefferson's The Declaration of Independence - Essay Example

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Name of student: Topic: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Introduction The United States of America comprises of the thirteen states which were under the Great Britain colonial rule among other annexure from the West thereafter. For these thirteen colonies, it was a great struggle to obtain independence from the tyrannical rule of King George III…
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OPTION C: Jeffersons The Declaration of Independence
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"OPTION C: Jefferson's The Declaration of Independence"

Download file to see previous pages It was then followed by a period of war, civil disorder, and death in order to achieve the ends America sought to achieve. The question that needs to be answered is whether these means were justified by the end of achieving independence. This will be answered by discussing Jefferson’s declaration of independence and evaluating it against Machiavelli’s relationship between ends and means. Machiavelli’s means-end relationship is unique in nature as it makes us to move away from normal explanations of what is right or wrong; moral or immoral. According to him there is no escape from the weight of means and ends (Ramsay, 33). We often hear people while faced with certain difficult situations saying that the end does not justify the means but rarely have we ever thought of what that means. In reality, this means for example that one cannot result to stealing as a way of satisfying his/her needs as this would be considered immoral and punishable by law. Whatever the end is, one is not supposed to result to immoral behavior to achieve that end. However, this is not the case for Machiavelli. For him, people should consider what ends they want to achieve; it is bad or good and then decide the means to use to achieve the end. Some practical necessity according to Machiavelli dictates that “certain means will be required to achieve the end” (Ramsay, 34). In this case, even the use of immoral means to achieve a good end is justified. He also asserts that political ends such as ensuring state stability, maintaining order, holding down power and prosperity are never justified but given regardless of whether such ends are rational or good. These ends are also assumed to be universal as every human being needs them; for example, all of us need order and security so that we can live a happy and peaceful life (Ramsay, 34). Since the ends are universal and given, it is not for us to concern ourselves about whether the means to achieve them is moral or immoral rather, concern should be on the ruler himself. According to Machiavelli, a ruler should possess certain qualities to able to achieve those ends and these qualities are psychological and social as opposed to moral qualities (Ramsay, 34). A king therefore, does not have to be moral since the situation dictates that he uses whatever means to ensure the end is achieved. Furthermore, some moral means may end up harming the same people one is protecting while some immoral means may be of benefit to the people. For example, cruelty is immoral or a vice but can be used by a king to achieve unity and loyalty from subjects while being merciful may let an evil continue leading to harmful consequences. The same case applies to a parent disciplining a child, if one is overly merciful with the child then the likelihood of not correcting that child’s behavior is high but disciplining the child moulds his/her behavior provided it is not excessive. Machiavelli indicates that harming one person through cruelty is better than harming a group through murder or plunder which could have been prevented if the King acted sooner rather than exercising mercy. Cruelty here is thus considered a lesser evil which is necessary (35). This is not to say all ends are achieved through immoral means, other situations call for moral means and as such the King should not use it as an excuse to be virtuous. In Machiavelli’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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OPTION C: Jefferson'S The Declaration of Independence Essay. https://studentshare.org/english/1471484-option-c-jeffersonyies-ypthe-declaration-of.
“OPTION C: Jefferson'S The Declaration of Independence Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/english/1471484-option-c-jeffersonyies-ypthe-declaration-of.
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The Declaration of Independence Analysis
The founding fathers acknowledged that in order to declare their liberty, they need to do so in a manner of a document that will outline their reasons for their liberation (“Purpose of the Declaration of Independence.”). The Declaration of Independence no doubt was vital because it united the colonists justified the reasons for liberation, and stated the salutary neglect that was enforced by the King.
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Analysis of The Declaration of Independence
Today the Declaration of Independence stands as one of the foundational documents in American history. The document itself as written by Thomas Jefferson establishes America’s independence from Great Britain, listing the rights that the American people hold to be unalienable.
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The Declaration of Independence
Jеffеrson and thе othеr founding fathеrs of Amеrica workеd hard to makе a govеrnmеnt that was both rеsolutе and changеablе, and triеd to supply basically rеasonablе principlеs that could bе rе-intеrprеtеd, changеd, or еvеn thrown out complеtеly should thеy not provе considеrablе to thе gеnеral population.
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The Declaration of Independence
It is obvious that this status was the result of taking on the status of an independent nation in 1776. A series of events and prior to this event had occurred with regard to America and subsequently the United States over the years. The paper is an essay thesis regarding the significance of the Declaration of Independence with a timeframe that lies between the years 1450 and 1887.
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Declaration of Independence- Thomas Jefferson
Its provenance, authority and reliability are implicit in the source. It is the legally authoritative version of the ratified document. According to the government website, “This illustrated publication includes the complete text of the
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The American Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson of Virginia made most of the writing, and carried some important constructs or "principles" which supposedly showed the belief of the framers of the declaration: 1) All men being equal, 2) Inalienable rights; 3) Of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness; 4) Consent of the governed; and 5) Throw off such government (in the event of despotism).
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The Declaration of Independence
Jefferson worked with a number of other authors but many respected him as one of the major proponents. However, there are some striking resemblances between Jefferson's work and British author John Locke. However, there are also some differences between their pieces of work.
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The Declaration of Independence
John Adams wanted to make a resolution during early 1776 and hence created a committee. The tasks was entailed to Thomas Jefferson and passed on July 4th 1776 by the Continental Congress. The main use
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The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence was therefore a true revolutionary enforcement for the right of the colonists from one end of the continent to the other which made them
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The Declaration Of Independence
Forethought undertakes that long established governments do not need to be a change for transient, as well as light causes. Humanity is prone to suffer when at the same time evils are sufferable than entitlements to rights. In case, humans suffer long train of usurpations as well as abuses, pursuing the same Objects results to absolute despotism.
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