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Name: Title: Course: Tutor: Date: In Support for Abortion Abstract Abortion entails the control of a woman on her procreativity giving her the sole power of deciding the making of a fetus to a child or not. It remains a critical religious, philosophic and medical dilemma in the society…
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Argumentative essay supporting abortions
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"Argumentative essay supporting abortions"

Download file to see previous pages As such, abortion should remain legal. Introduction Abortion refers to the intentional procedure undertaken to terminate pregnancy according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC. Medicines or surgical procedure would be used to remove the fetus and placenta or embryo from the uterus with the choice of the procedure to use depending on the age of the pregnancy. Going by this definition, an abortion committed by a licensed clinician would be considered legal and illegal if committed by any other person. According to Pazol et al. (4), unwanted pregnancies make up about 50% of the pregnancies in the US. Of these unintended pregnancies, 40% would be aborted, making up about 1.21 million abortions annually. Every year, about 2% of women in their productive ages of 15 to 44 would procure an abortion, especially at week twelve of the pregnancy. Of these women, 47% would have had an abortion before with a third having never been married before. The US leads the rest of the western world in abortion rates at 19.4 per every 1,000. Inadequate finances and unpreparedness for responsibility stand out as the major reasons for abortion according to Pichler (87). Other reasons include fear of a changed life, immaturity, health problems and pregnancy resulting from incest or rape. The practice of abortion had been in existence in the US since the ancient times using abortifacient herbs, application of abdominal pressure or use of sharp implements. These were conducted illegally as abortion had been banned in most of the states and would only be allowed under specific circumstances like pregnancies out of rape, date drug or incest. Washington, New York, Hawaii and Alaska were the only states that allowed abortion. But in 1973, the decision by the Supreme Court with regard to Roe vs. Wade invalidated these laws, giving birth to guidelines which prohibited the ban on abortion in early pregnancy but increase restrictions later in the pregnancy (Butler and Walbert 1). Following subsequent amendments, abortion remains legal but under restrictions that vary from a state to another. Nonetheless, the debate on the issue never ends, with the major protagonists being pro-life, even though various shades of opinions hold. Arguments against Abortion Abortion legalization encourages abortion practice which has been noted to increase mortality rates due to abortion-related deaths. These deaths result from complications associated with abortions or the chain of events triggered by abortion. But studies by CDC indicate a decline from 193 illegal and 17% of legal abortions in 1965 to 3.4 deaths for every 100,000 abortions in 1973 when the practice was legalized, to 1.3 in 1977. Today, after 63 days of pregnancy, the risk of abortion mortality has decreased to 1 per every 100,000. In fact, the risk of death associated with childbirth has been noted to be times higher than that associated with abortion (Raymond and Grimes 215). Making abortion a legal procedure increases irresponsible sexual behavior. Since irresponsible sexual behavior positively correlates to transmission of STDs, the observation by Klick (8) of increase in syphilis and gonorrhea rates by 25% since the legalization of abortion in 1973 supports the fact that abortion increases irresponsible sexual behaviors. In spite of the validity of this argument, the study fails to consider racial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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