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Ohio Casino - Essay Example

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Adam Kavanagh English1110 Her buck February 14th, 2013 Casinos and Gambling in Ohio The project I’m going to be doing is about Ohio Casino’s, and gambling in Ohio. This has caused many conflicts in Ohio to allow them to be built and operating. Now all the casinos aren’t in one area but spread out across Ohio in many towns and cities…
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Ohio Casino
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Download file to see previous pages In ways I can see how the casinos can benefit the state and bring more money in the state then out of the state. One thing about casinos is that they are looked at being corrupt and just taking people’s money. Notice why many Ohioans might be angry about the casino’s being run by certain Politian’s to watch over. On a blog with comments about the conflict one person said “All the crooks in Ohio have their handouts trying to get a bigger piece of the pie, how pathetic! No wonder Ohio keeps sinking further in its sinkhole” (Mangels). Could this person be talking about the politicians, in which some Politician’s are corrupt and being played to pass this. After the recession hit, Ohio was one of the worst hit states and in turn suffered severe job losses and foreclosures. When forwarding the proposal to build these casinos the strongest case that was presented was that the construction of these casinos will result in creating a huge number of jobs and bringing in the revenue that went to the nearby states casinos, from the pockets of Ohio residents (Adamson). The focus of advertisement campaigns was laid on the recession hit jobless people. During the time that the voting was due for the legislation that would legalize gambling in Ohio; Studies and reviews started appearing which highlighted the significance of these casinos and how jobs would be created for the people of Ohio. Print media and television advertisements targeted the jobless people of Ohio and how these casinos are the only way out. But opposed to this view a local in an article says that, ‘There are so many other options other than gambling that can help the economy that does not pose a risk to others’ (Hunt). Another person remarked that, ‘I wonder if the pro-gambling group's main focus is on creating jobs or on finding a way to "tax the public"…… There are surely other types of businesses that will create jobs’ (Anthony Hopper cited in Hunt). In 2009, the Job and Growth Committee published the results of a study that related that 20, 000 jobs would result from the industry along with $600 billion revenues and a private investment of $1 billion; all of this going to the federal budget (Adamson). Not surprisingly the revenue amount is already far below what was projected in the study and was inturn approved by the people of Ohio (Mayers). Another study was issued by the Department of Taxation, just a month prior to the vote; the study also focused on the financial revenues and jobs that would be created as a result of the industry; but the study completely ignored as to what repercussions the industry will have in terms of social, business and familial aspects and the surrounding competition, which according to experts has resulted in the low revenues generated (Mangels; Mayers). The lobby invested a gruesome amount of $47 million to campaign for the Ohio Casino and Gambling Industry, which is quadrupled amount of what the opponents of the campaign could get together; while ‘their commercials touted the jobs and tax revenue the gambling palaces would generate’ (Mangels). The anti-gambling campaign could only be heard from on the internet or the print media, no reportable television coverage was done leaving a large mass of audiences unaware of their perspective; as Brian Rothenberg of Progress Ohio says that the whole campaign, ‘was so focused on jobs at a time when Ohio was hyper jobs-conscious ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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