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Juvenile Deliquency, argument style essay - Research Paper Example

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Juvenile Delinquency Name University Outline Juvenile delinquency is defined either socially or legally. The legal definition of juvenile delinquency is juvenile delinquency that it is a behavior that is an infringement of the criminal code of those countries and which is carried out by a youth who is still not an adult-the age of an adult normally being eighteen…
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Juvenile Deliquency, argument style essay
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"Juvenile Deliquency, argument style essay"

Download file to see previous pages Family problems and a low economic status are other contributing factors. Mentoring and evaluation programs should be started for the delinquents to overcome this issue. Parents and family members should also be guided to be supportive of these children. Thesis Statement: Juvenile delinquency is a serious societal issue that has many underlying risk factors and thus it should be tackled with the different management strategies to reduce its prevalence Juvenile delinquency Crime is one of the most dangerous factors that affect society today. An even more shocking fact is that it is not only adults who commit this act of violence, but adolescents well under the age of eighteen as well. Such adolescents are generally referred to as juvenile delinquents. There are not one but two definitions of the term ‘juvenile delinquency’ which are the legal definition and the social definition. With the help of these definitions and knowledge of all the risk factors that contribute to violence in youngsters, juvenile delinquency can be predicted well before a crime is committed by a juvenile. Juvenile delinquency is a serious societal issue that has many underlying risk factors and thus it should be tackled with the different management strategies to reduce its prevalence. There are many complexities involved when defining juvenile delinquency. ...
The specific actions that represent juvenile delinquency vary from country to country. Some countries even have policies stating that juveniles who commit extreme act of violence should be treated as adults-they should not be shown any leniency by the court. For example, youngsters at the age of ten and above are considered as accountable to their actions as a mature adult by the criminal law in England. On the other hand, according to the social definition, juvenile delinquency is defined as the huge number of behaviors and acts of young children and adolescents which are condemned by society. However, in this sense, any disapproving act of a youth will be termed as juvenile delinquency. For instance, a youth who behaves rudely in front of guests may be termed as a delinquent by parents, although the court would ignore the problem as no laws were broken by that youth. A youngster-or juvenile-does not become an official delinquent until labeled as such by the juvenile court (The Guardian 2012; Regoli et al 2008). A risk factor is a term that applies to incidents that occur prior to-and predict-a later consequence. There are various risk factors involved in juvenile delinquency. The biological factor implies that violent youths or delinquents tend to have low resting heart rates, which indicate low autonomic arousal, like boredom and/or fearlessness. Such youths have the urge to seek excitement and take risks in order to increase their levels of stimulation. Furthermore, studies show that boys with a high level of the hormone, testosterone, after gaining puberty, are more likely to be violent. These biological factors are difficult to quantify accurately and may occur chiefly in interaction with psychological and social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A search was conducted to review literature pertaining to this issue and from the review of literature, it was clear that there does exist a strong relationship between drugs and juvenile delinquency. Addiction to drugs in this age group triggers criminal behavior for several reasons like basic social deviant behavior, thefts and fights for procuring money, battles and truffles for procuring and manufacturing the drugs illegally and due to acute euphoric effects of the drugs.
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