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Risking Change: Working for a Better World - Essay Example

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Change is not an easy thing to bring in a society. It demands a lot of struggle, sacrifice and hard work. This paper enlightens the topic of changes in society. It discusses those people who bring changes and ways in wich those changes can be brought, for example: the nonviolent resistance…
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Risking Change: Working for a Better World

Download file to see previous pages... To bring change in a society in constructive ways points towards such ways, which reinforce society to improve all aspects of people’s life in a positive way in which, they have freedom of their rights and justice and they must be listened. People who bring changes in the society are not common ones since they have unique qualities and abilities, which everyone does not possess. What we can name such persons is ‘the hero’. The foremost thing is that they do not have their personal motives behind any effort. They are capable of doing extraordinary, which everyone cannot do. They are always ready to fight out against difficulties. Some of them are out of sight of people as they do not come forward to show the world that they are the heroes behind a certain campaign. The hero is the one who deals with things that an ordinary person cannot do. Such people bring change in the society, which has far positive effects on others’ lives. We can clearly see this with the help of the example of fire fighters who became heroes saving people during attacks on New York on September 11, 2001 (Tollefson 102). So, the persons who have the power of sacrificing their own lives and leaving behind their personal motives are the ones who bring change while others merely rest.
Nonviolent resistance is a way for people to fight for their objectives and purposes. It provides them with a way to raise their voices for freedom and justice. Basically, it is based on people’s imminent power as how far they can stand for their objectives and how far can they work to achieve them. This nonviolent resistance is a big source of change in the society but it relies on collective efforts made by people. The US civil movements, the Indian independence movements and the apartheid in South Africa showed that all types of nonviolent resistances are of three kinds. One is an act of commission, second is an act of omission and third is the combination of both first two types (Merriman 1-2). The successful moments do not make people realize that they are strong enough to bring change but they assure them they have power to influence their lives by setting clear and achievable goals, which leads to the victory if the one is motivated to achieve the set goals. This success can be of less value but it has a huge effect on the mobilization of the people. When we see the history of US civil right movements, which was based on desegregation of buses in Montgomery and the Indian independence movement, which was based on the Salt acts by the British, we realize that once the set goals for the movements were achieved, the reasons and purposes behind them appeared to be small but they helped out on a large scale in overturning the situations linked to both movements. These showed that people are the real strength and agents of change. These resulted in the victory of people in the form of independence. They knew that no leader or government authority would lead them so people now show more attention towards nonviolent actions in order to get their rights (Merriman 2-3). Question No. 3 Change is not an easy thing to bring in a society. It demands a lot of struggle, sacrifice and hard work. It is always accompanied by a huge opposition and rivalry. The persons who bring in a change in the society are somewhat different from ordinary people. The ways in which, changes can take place are enormous but the key factor to be recognized in all this process is the empowerment of people. Social Entrepreneurs play an important role in this respect (Moore). They are responsible in bringing in a change in the society. Change is inevitable and has to come but it needs initiators. There are certain things in this respect. First of all, people should be united and clear in their vision. They should know that it is their legal right, which they want to get. The obvious thing that they must keep in mind is that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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