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Culture In Australian Universities - Essay Example

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Unlike the other cultures in other entities in our society, university cultures in Australia pose different demands in the quest of achieving knowledge. The university culture is widely developed from aspects of curiosity that call upon a lot of curiosity in every student. …
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Culture In Australian Universities
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"Culture In Australian Universities"

Download file to see previous pages From my point of view, this culture is widely based on inquisitiveness that involves the search of information on almost everything regardless of its importance to the students. This comes in the perspective of practical use and application. This phenomenon has made it difficult for thousands of students in Australia to cope up with its demands.
The kind of rampant interest that comes along with the curiosity has called upon the emergence of innovative and inventive aspects among students from a varied perspective. Many people have also come to criticize the innate curiosity behavior, though it has over the years been linked with advantageous aspects like the development of involving disciplines. This is in the field of biotechnology, computer science and nuclear physics that demand immense research and involvement in an aspect that most Australian universities have come to blend into. The latter culture unlike in other regions calls for a lot of critical thinking. Despite the fact that academic works in universities having to be built through a lot of involving processes. The same calls for immense adaptation to rational argument developments, testing and observations with support and evidence forming a core to almost any academic work done. Such kind of a culture is always rampant not only in Australian universities but in almost any university, with a strong reliance on intuition, unsupported opinions from a personal perspective or hearsay aspects being shunned with immense energies.
Australia is well known as a good university study destination especially for the English Speaking states. Currently, more than two hundred thousand international students are enrolled in all universities across Australia. It is essential to comprehend that universities have their particular culture and adjusting to the universities culture usually takes a lot of effort and time. In studying both Australian and International first year students, it is evident that most of these students lack the experience needed in critical reading, appropriate citing and complete understanding of the academic games. Although most students do not provide information about the difficulties associated with settling in universities especially during the first year, enough contests have been organized and incredible information acquired. It is essential to have the university management have complete involvement in the entire process of settling down especially in the case of international students. In this research paper, a lot of information will be provided regarding the varied ways in which different students adapt to the university’s culture and the methods used in avoiding difficult experiences. One main factor that students should fight to overcome in their initial university years is culture shock. This phenomenon includes experiences related to transitions that are encountered by various individuals due to inability of using familiar or well-known cultures in the universities. These cultures could be used to convey, validate, reference and understand key aspects included in a culture and as used in identifying others. The impacts of culture shock are caused by continued or rather prolonged periods of conflicting self or personal ideas since the cultures are not well identified. Among the many difficulties are those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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