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World Poverty: A Never Ending Situation - Research Paper Example

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The widely known contemporary global poverty indices are not only dramatic, but fall far much behind the conventional wisdom of justice. Whereas research and policy implications have a combined and directed synergy emphasizing global poverty reduction, inequality remains a much sticky affair. …
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World Poverty: A Never Ending Situation
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"World Poverty: A Never Ending Situation"

Download file to see previous pages Quite on the contrary, data on nations’ poverty is often touted as a global challenge, while inequality is not. The coexistence of neoliberal policies with the international policy on poverty alleviation is a paradox that continues to defy reconciliation, yet the capitalistic perpetuated inequality widens domestically and internationally. Tackling endemic poverty, as it is currently, needs theorization in the light of the rather skewed state policies and practices. Despite being highly preventable, hunger deaths still bite with startling figures. As a matter of fact, the scale of intervention employed in alleviating poverty lacks in urgency and magnitude akin to those deployed in response to natural disasters (Gupta par 6). Apparently, equal distribution of wealth between the haves and the have-nots is seemingly unachievable; while there is enough food for everyone in the world, the cyclic dilemma of poverty seems to be a never ending situation with everyday burgeoning numbers of hunger deaths. While good-life is recognizably a fundamental right, at least in paper according to the United Nations statutes, the international domain remains descriptively anarchistic-Hobbesian of ‘mere survival’....
Assumptive interaction of knowledge and power informs a rather reasoning principle that the global poverty statistics, and by extension inequality, cannot be neatly separated from the trending world order. Global economic integration punctuated the global growth momentum over the past few decades. Coincidentally, global poverty, and inequality for that matter, has been a rather permanent feature with phenomenally high figures (Sandra 16). Intuitively, the explosion of wealth over these past decades has had tremendous effects on aggravating extreme poverty indices one way or another. As insinuated above, the status of a nation’s health forms the basis of most global poverty rakings, with life expectancy topping the list of such indicators. Notably, poverty and related conditions affect the average number of years that a citizen of a given nation can be expected to live (SO241 par 3). Accordingly, The Global Stratification of Life Expectancy, 2006 affirms the widely expected and acknowledged superiority of life expectancy in the wealthy and upper-middle-income nations compared to the lower-middle-income and poor nations (SO241 par 4). The sharp contrast however, is in the real numbers; with a life expectancy of between 20 and 24 years, poor nations are clearly on the verge of extinction. Other than the life expectancy, the contrast is replicated in child mortality and the provision of sanitation and clean water. Contrary to the popular notion, lack of or little food to feed too many people in poor nations being a primary contributor to the poverty numbers is a “scarcity fallacy.” By world standards, the poor nations are hardly “poor,” though they are far from the descriptive term “wealthy” by G7 standards (Narveson ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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