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Race and Stereotypes in Contemporary American Society Insert name Insert institution Existence and Status of Race and Stereotypes in Contemporary American Society Introduction For many years in America, racial prejudice expression is on the decrease with much supporting racial equality as a vital cultural value…
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Download file to see previous pages More than 40 years passed since the signing the US’s Civil Right Act which stated the equality between Whites and Blacks. Both parties were to access public services equally rather this is not the case since divisions are permeating. Accompanying these divisions is the American Identity paradox. The society has two avenues of foundation, one is on the principles of justice, and equality and the other are on the traditional racism and popular slavery traditions. Although this situation may somehow reflect original cultural and political events, the psychological factors that determine this challenge are pervasive and enduring. Both within and beyond America, the undetermined globalization brings in new psychological, social and economical challenges for the host. With reference to the recently observed ethnic divisions in Europe and Asia, the viewpoints on the varying values, traditions, and belief among the host and immigrants can facilitate observable conflict and violence (Gup, 2010,March 13th). Racism and Stereotypes Racism and stereotyping existed in the past and is still present in America. Puerto Rican girls growing up in the United States, they have had a different view because of the Hispanic appearance. For example, a girl in the text grew up in New Jersey and the culture around her was all Puerto Rican. The food, language and all cultural beliefs and behaviors were all Puerto Rican. The girls learnt Puerto Rican culture from masses, dress code and the mode of life reflected their culture. The surveillance the girl received mainly strict due to the culture and family expectations. The girls learnt and received teachings how to dress like elderly women and this sent a different message to other people seeing them as being too mature. The dress code that is the lack of too loud colors provided an avenue for stereotyping by their fellow friends. While attending a business school, the girl lacked an idea of what to wear. She decided to put on what she saw it felt and looked agreeable to her. An Italian-American cajoled her for wearing everything at once. Men and employers in the street often misinterpreted the accessories, ornaments and short skirts worn by the Puerto Rican girls (Ortiz, n.d) The stereotype that existed of the Hispanic woman is that of hot tamale' or what they many call sexual firebrand. The same idea has received a promotion and backing by many media parties. The women from Latin America receive descriptions such as sizzling and smoldering, which normally used in describing foods. This shows how stereotyping in America exists on a higher scale. According to some reports about the Puerto Rican women at work some men requested sexual favors from the women and upon rejection, they received firing letters. The color the Puerto Rican and Latin women prefer is scarlet, and that originated from their chromosomes. In tropical islands, women and older women often would show skin as a way to keep their bodies cool. However, the protection from the family and extended family members gave them the opportunity to do so. In the current world, they receive a different view in a manner that they are depicting loose morals (Ortiz, n.d). In Kansas City, an incident occurred where a Drug Enforcement Administration officer stopped a young man who was out of a flight from Los Angeles. The reason behind the stopping is that, according ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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