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The Power of Knowledge in Douglasss Learning to Read and Write - Essay Example

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This paper responds to the importance of learning to self-development and emancipation. Knowledge is a powerful means of developing people’s abilities, so that they can free themselves from their different disadvantaged conditions, but knowledge is nothing without determination and ingenuity and through the latter…
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The Power of Knowledge in Douglasss Learning to Read and Write
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"The Power of Knowledge in Douglasss Learning to Read and Write"

Download file to see previous pages That knowledge is power is already a cliché, but it is most essential for the disempowered sectors of society because they can use what they learned to improve their conditions in life. Douglass becomes miserable because of having full awareness of his wretched conditions. As a slave, he is not a human being. He has no freedoms and rights. His master controls his life, even the lives of his children. Therefore, he is more like a beast with no identity and future than an individual with a deeper purpose in life. Before realizing what his learning is for, Douglass sinks to anxiety because reading exposed him to the ills of the institution of slavery. Fortunately, he learns about the abolitionist movement, and he focuses his energy on running away and becoming free. Furthermore, Douglass understands that knowledge will help him in his quest for freedom. Literacy will be his ticket to freedom, as well as his means for success as a free man. His plan of learning how to read and write first, before running away, shows that he is an intelligent person, who knows long-term planning. Indeed, if he remains illiterate, he can easily be manipulated by others who know how to read and write. Douglass uses his knowledge of the fruits of literacy in producing long-term plans, which proves the supporters of slavery that blacks are not an inferior race. Their weaknesses, if present, are not inherent to them, but are products of the conditioning of slavery, so that they will stay ignorant and lacking in initiative for self-development. Douglass breaks away from the stereotype of the passive slave because of his knowledge that as a human being, he has rights and freedoms. He must and should be free, so he does all he can to prepare for the fateful day of his emancipation. Douglass demonstrates ingenuity and a firm resolution in reaching his dreams, because knowledge is not sufficient to be free. He is determined to learn literacy, but he has to be extra careful. He is resourceful enough to pay bread to street children who taught him how to read. By bragging to other children that he knows how to write, he also learned writing skills. At the same time, Douglass is observant of his surroundings. He studies letters from ships, which shows his determination to maximize his resources, however limited they are. Moreover, the copybooks of his young master proved to be invaluable. He practices how to write, while his masters are away. Douglass clearly does not know how to give up. He knows the painful punishment, perhaps even death, which awaits him; if his owners learned that he was studying how to write. But he no longer minds his short-term need for safety, when he has the larger long-term goal of freedom. The human being in him naturally wants to be free, and slavery cannot stop him forever. He builds his knowledge and establishes contacts and resources, which will one day help him to be free. In his mind, Douglass has a singular mission: to be free and to be a human being with dignity once more. Education and slavery do not mix, as Douglass learns from his masters, because slavery is disempowering, while education ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fredrick Douglasss a personality who struggled very hard in his life and can be seen as a shining star by his appreciators. Frederick Douglas was born in 1818 at Maryland (Lampe, 1998). As a child, he learnt to read and write by the support of white children and men as he used to notice them reading and writing. From his childhood, he identified that only education can transform his status from a slave to a freeman. He tried multiple times to run away from his masters and at last became successful. He thought about running from slavery to freedom by the support of his education. He also used to read newspapers with the help of which, he was able to comprehend political...
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..."Learning to Read and Write" is chapter 7 of Douglass's autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave(1845). It was published after Douglass had become known as an orator and abolitionist. Indeed, it was written, against the advice of well-meaning friends who feared for his safety, to dispel the notion that an accomplished speaker like Douglass could not have known extreme degradation or lack of opportunity. The force of the prose on the page left Douglass's growing readership in no doubt that the details of his autobiography were one hundred per cent genuine and accurate. Douglass recalls how, when he was around twelve, his Master Hugh's wife kindly decided...
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...everything at her disposal to prevent him from learning and sometimes violently but nothing could deter his resolve to learn. He employed the strategy of making friends with little white boys who supplied the very valuable knowledge to him in exchange for bread from his master’s house. He did this at the back of his master and mistress who would have opposed it vehemently had they discovered. Fredrick also grabbed any reading material that came his way such as newspapers and books and used them to advance his knowledge of reading and writing. He could also learn from experience for instance when he was...
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...“Learning to Read and Write” “Learning to Read and Write by Douglass serves as a very informative piece of work where the author takes the audience through the stages and challenges he faced in the process of learning the two essential concepts. From the onset, the story seems interesting considering that the narrator comes from the black community and developed an interest in reading and writing in an era where only the white community had the privilege to access the services of reading and writing. The reader discovers that the narrator remained under...
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...Learning How to Read and Write al Affiliation Couse In his book Learning to Read and Write, Frederick gives an account of his struggle to read and write while still a young slave. Fredrick narrates how his masters, the Hugh family, laid the foundation to his quest for education. Mrs. Hugh introduced Douglas to reading and writing but soon drifted to slavery and racist antics courtesy of her husband. She tried all her best to stop any form of teaching Douglas. Douglas desire to learn led him to seek help from white children. He always carried a book along while performing his errands and would seek help from the friendly White children he met. When Douglas attained 12 years, he acquired a book, the Colombian Orator that gave him... but...
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...the slaves and influenced the wife to do the same because they never considered it efficient to train a slave. Through education, the slaves would develop a sense of worthiness that would be damaging to the masters. The masters knew the power of learning to read and write and the consequences they would face had the slaves managed to do so. Douglas seemed to have a strong affinity to books and preferred facing the consequences than avoiding reading a book. He seemed to have an idea that books would be the key to his salvation. However, Douglas and Rodriguez failed to understand the adverse effects their actions would cause to their life. They failed...
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