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Argue a point or points about one or both of the following plays: Othello and The Tempest by William Shakespeare - Research Paper Example

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The role of pride, jealousy, suspicious attitude, miscommunication and fate in Othello’s downfall in Othello by William Shakespeare Generally, tragedies portray the downfall of heroes who are considered as powerful individuals, able to perform successfully during critical situations in life…
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Argue a point or points about one or both of the following plays: Othello and The Tempest by William Shakespeare
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"Argue a point or points about one or both of the following plays: Othello and The Tempest by William Shakespeare"

Download file to see previous pages In the play, Othello’s downfall reminds human life which is full of twists and turns. Thesis statement: In the play Othello, William Shakespeare makes use of the main character Othello to pinpoint the effect of pride, jealousy, suspicious attitude, miscommunication, and fate in human life. The role of pride, jealousy, suspicious attitude, miscommunication and fate in Othello’s downfall This section is broadly divided into five sub-sections, which include: pride, jealousy, suspicious attitude, miscommunication and fate. Still, suspicious attitude and miscommunication are the most important factors which eventually led Othello to face the tragedy. Pride: Othello was proud of his military craftsmanship and love towards Desdemona. Still being a Moorish descendant, Othello is able to be the general in the army of Venice. Kurian Mattam stated that, “Like Macbeth, Othello too falls off from a pristine state of excellence” (103). On the other side, he was able to marry Desdemona, the daughter of a high ranking senator in Venice. So, one can easily identify the fact that Othello’s military success and the ability to attract a Venetian beauty towards him made him proud. Gradually, a commissioned officer (say, Iago) under Othello’s turns against him and began to create problem between him and his wife. But Othello did not try to talk to Desdemona because his pride did not allow him to do so. On the other side, Iago was aware of the fact that he can make use of Othello’s pride to fulfil his selfish motives. At the same time, Othello trusted the villain (Iago) and punished innocents without any solid evidence and reason. From a different angle of view, one can see that Othello is totally under the control of Iago. So, Othello’s pride, added with his trust on his commissioned officer, Iago, led him towards his fate. Still, Othello’s damaged pride forces him to mistrust all others and resulted in his downfall in the end. Jealousy: In the beginning, Othello was not a jealous man because he was aware of his strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Othello believed in his ability in military craftsmanship. He was aware of his influence among the political circles in Venice. At the same time, he was proud of his romantic spell on Desdemona. But there were some weaknesses in Othello’s character. He felt inferiority complex on his racial identity. So, he considered other Venetians as his rivals and he trusted nobody, excluding Iago. So, Othello’s character never reveals jealousy in the beginning but the same is exposed in the end. One can see that Othello’s cultural background is entirely different from the people of Venice. His attitude towards women is deeply influenced by his Moorish origin. This clash between cultural differences is one of the reasons behind Othello’s downfall in the end of the play. But one can argue that Othello was a military man, not a romantic individual. Othello considers his love affair with Desdemona as the pinnacle of his glory. Othello never shares his feelings with others because he did not trust others. Andrew Cecil Bradley stated that, “Such jealousy as Othello’s converts human nature into chaos, and liberates the beast in man; and it does this in relation to one of the most intense and also the most ideal of human feelings” (96). Still, Iago’s role in igniting jealousy in Othello’s mind is visible. In short, jealousy is inherent in Othello’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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