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: Language of Argument in the Real World - Essay Example

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The Practical Argumentation: Argumentation in the Real World Name Instructor Class 1 November 2012 The advantages of knowing the language of argumentation in everyday life deserves a strong argument. On my part, argumentation has various practical uses because it honed my critical thinking skills, research skills, writing skills, and time management skills…
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: Language of Argument in the Real World
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": Language of Argument in the Real World"

Download file to see previous pages Knowing argumentation’s language game will definitely help me become a better member of my social circle, organization, and community because I can critically assess arguments and determine their fallacies and strengths. I would use the language of argument in the real world through my interactions with my circle of friends and family, where I can be more logical and persuasive in asserting my claims and influencing their views. In my social circle, I would be called to write upon my ideas about current-affairs topics, such as gay marriage, foreign policies, and national development policies. I do not have exactly to turn them in for “grading,” but I would want to write them down to explore the strength of my arguments and become more convincing when I speak with my family and friends. I would be using the elements of ethos and logos more because I have to establish myself as a credible source. I can do this by mentioning my sources and what/who they are, such as their mission and sources of funding. Then, because I want to focus on logical claims, I will use evidence to prove them. I will assess the sources of my evidence, especially determining their sponsors and other sources of income, because this information will reveal their undisclosed biases and prejudices. Armed with evidence, I can convince my close relations regarding my views. If I know people who have strong views, but these views are too emotional and not based on evidence, I can hopefully change their mind, or help them think otherwise. An example is a friend who thinks that gay marriage is immoral. Using logic, I can courteously explain to him why gay marriage is not sinful since the language of union between man and woman in his religion still applies. In gay couples, one is always more “female” than another, while the other is the “male” partner. I can also argue that these people think that they are men and women in one body, so that settles the question of masculinity and femininity. Furthermore, I can argue that the fundamental problem with the opposition to gay marriage is that it tends to be basically an opposition to gays themselves, which is gender prejudice. My friend is against all forms of prejudice, so this argument can help him understand why opposing gay marriage is wrong because it basically subjects gays to inferior citizenship status. In this example, argumentation can help change the views of others, in ways that I can hopefully contribute to the development of a more tolerant society. Aside from personal relations, argumentation has positive effects on the workplace, where I would be called to write upon my ideas regarding solutions to existing organizational problems and propositions for new products or related marketing plans. I would be employing the elements of pathos and logos in my presentations and writings. For the organizational problem of high turnout among customer care representatives, for instance, I can use argumentation to analyze the causes. I will ask why and determine first-hand evidence. After data collection, I will present my findings in an argumentative manner. For example, I can argue that the Customer Care Department suffers from low morale because many direct supervisors are pressuring their employees too much to attain the targets without understanding the latter’s innermost needs and wants as employees and human beings. My grounds ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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