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Discuss and draw comparsions between the common themes in 'South Downs' and 'The Browning Version' - Coursework Example

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Introduction ‘Browning version’ was a play written by Rattigan in 1940s. It was rated a masterpiece in his era. After hundred years, Rattigan’s estates contracted David Hare to develop a play that will curtain raise Rattigan’s classic works. David came up with yet another masterpiece “South Downs” which complements “Browning version”…
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Discuss and draw comparsions between the common themes in South Downs and The Browning Version
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Download file to see previous pages He detects failure in his career. Due to his deteriorating health, Andrew resigns with not much to show. Not even his students or his colleagues were grateful for his dedicated service. Jean Kent takes the role of Millie, (Andrew’s wife) and it is evident that their marriage is at the edge. Millie is going out with a chemistry teacher, and she does not have the dignity to hide her infidelity from her husband. Millie’s new hook is known as Frank Hunter, a character well brought out by Nigel Patrick. Millie is breaking up with Andrew because he is unromantic. Taplow, a student at Andrew work place is highly sensitive, and this makes him break into Andrew’s confidential British exterior. 1The student offers Andrew an Agamemnon translation which makes him to breakdown with emotions. During the graduation ceremony, Andrew surprises everybody by giving an emotional speech. He mainly apologizes for letting people around him down. Andrew feels belittled by his wife who ridicules him. Adding salt to injury, his students keep on making fun of him. The school betrays him too even though he had been working for it faithfully. He has to accept the fact that nobody loves him and should see himself as other people think of him. He also has to accept that he is a failure due to the loss of his marriage, job and health. When Taplow presents him the Agamemnon play, he realizes he was insufficient in his work. His school denied him a pension after he retired and even his final speech was almost denied by his headmaster (Andrew Woodall). Andrew is devastated when he learns his nick name “the Himmler of the lower fifth”. He still keeps his head high and is composed even though he knows that he is dying inside with insults and rejection. 2He accepts his position as the society places him but keeps his dignity as a gentleman and an outstanding teacher proficient in English. Summary of South Downs Hare is smart in developing a play which has been inspired by a classic done by Terrence Rattigan. Most of The David Hare's works have been rated as intellectual. Although South Downs was tremendously inspired by Terrence, most of David’s life was characterized by sadness when he was still at a school going age. Blakemore as a character in South Down clearly narrates how his life was. Blakemore is only 14 years, intelligent and understands the pope’s poetry. The school setting in South Downs is the same as the one in browning version. Blakemore is a delightful boy that is earnest, and lonely. He is highly suspected by other boys. Among the few friends he has one of their mothers offers Blakemore tea, cake and advice. She shows him sympathy and with this, Blakemore (Alex Lawther) eases up. John Blakemore has a distinctive character and personality. He is afraid of nuclear bombs and wants to be given permission to wear a badge that is against the bombs at school. His father being a sailor, they are not financially established, and they live in a semidetached house. He is currently in school because of a scholarship. All the other boys can afford a decent life since they come from well to do families. Because he comes from such an environment, he is curious to understand his new environment and this makes him be counted as an odd one out. His current world (school) is full of showing off and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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